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Ch. 396 – Potion of Exploration

Beyond his natural sea-elf talents with the wind and the waves, Ionas never had any real experience or aptitude in magic. His life had been devoted to much more mundane and dull areas. The dull and repetitive competition between rival … Continue reading

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Ch. 392 – Sighting Battle

Ionas looked out from out his perch inside the lookout’s nest. The storm was about all that he could see. Even his sight could not drastically pierce the cloud that enveloped them. At least, that was how it was until … Continue reading

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Interlude: The Ymuin Bauble

It was the quiet before the storm, at least with respect to the upcoming battle. The rain and the roaring wind of this god-cursed storm that had been following them had never let up or quietened. As La Danse Calinda … Continue reading

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Ch. 386. Turbulent and Calm Waters

Y’lanna hung onto the side of the boat as the crossbowman loomed above her inside the boat. He had the expression of a Dirt Joloth, a kind digging marsupial native to the Cerebral Moon, suddenly getting inundated with water — … Continue reading

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Ch. 383. Cooling Things Down

“Huh?” Y’lanna responded as she looked at Beau. She had heard what he said and had understood it, yet it seemed rather disconnected from the question she had asked. The only thing that it could possibly mean was that Beau … Continue reading

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