Jean Lafitte III

Author: Maurepas

Name: Captain Jean Lafitte III

Age: 36
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair:  Brownish black
Eyes: Amber

Body/Face:  Tall and sinewy, olive-skinned with a thin mustache and narrow goatee.
Manner: Roguish and arrogant, considered daring among his peers in Maurepas, and dangerous to the point of recklessness to most in Aeldreth
Clothes: Duster and Gambler hat, and leather boots.

Equipment: Blunderbus, and several crossbow-pistols which fire Dwarven magic enhanced ammunition, a cutlass, a tomahawk, and a Machete

Special Abilities: Able Airship Captain, skilled marksman/swordsman, Machete and Tomahawk fencing, navigator.

Background: A descendant of the famous Pirate Lord, Jean Lafitte of Maurepas, Lafitte was a navigator on the pirate vessel La Petit Moore, out of his forefathers’ home-waters in Barataria Bay for the Guilds of New Orleans crime syndicate. However, when piracy threatened the Guilds’ export shipping market, the Guild leaders decided it was time to crack down on pirate activity in the Bay. Lafitte and the others fought to the last to defend their turf but were overwhelmed by the might of the Guilds. Those who were not killed were imprisoned. Having amassed some wealth aboard the Moore, Lafitte bribed the guards of his prison cell to allow him to escape. Knowing his days in Maurepas were numbered, Lafitte set his sights on more pirate-friendly waters.  He became involved in the burgeoning airship-piracy crime wave engulfing the world due to the advance of dirigible technology and more efficient use of the steam engine and rocket technology. Years later, he appeared in the skies of Aeldreth, seemingly stranded without a crew. Ever the survivor, Lafitte recruited a new crew and again returned to the air, banking on the unique nature of his vessel in the strange world.  Despite no small amount of skepticism, he was hired as a mercenary for the Bull & Jackal Mercantile Society for whom he protects their ships against the efforts of the spriggan pirates patrolling the area.  In this, he has been regarded as highly successful, especially considering his risky vessel and odd weaponry. However the winds of change appear to be gathering around La Danse Calinda as she is joined by a new crew member similarly stranded from a very different Maurepas…

Hobbies: Poker, fishing, cooking, and chess

Contacts & Networking: Friend to his employer Bull & Jackal Mercantile Society

Adventures (links to RPs): (unfinished)

Other Info:
Capt. Lafitte’s Weapons: The French Espingole Blunderbus:, 3 Crossbow-Pistols (two strapped to his sides inside his jacket, one in a holster low on his leg):, Machete: , Tomahawk: