Military and Weapons

Military Tech:

Magic plays a large role in military technology, affecting everything from long range weaponry to defensive measures to intelligence gathering.  The requirements of magic dictate what kinds of weapons get developed or abandoned.

For example, explosives are not used in military grade weapons at all.  This includes everything from bombs to handguns.  They are simply not used.  Why?  Because the physics of explosions interferes with the metaphysics of magic.  An explosive weapon just won’t hold a spell, and magic is far, far more effective in battle than merely blowing holes in things.  Blackpowder and a few other kinds of chemical explosives are known, but are used exclusively for demolition and amusements (fireworks).  Explosive weapons are considered weak, primitive, and unnecessary.

This is not to say that Aeldrethian combat is all magic and no shooting holes in things.  It just means that a weapon that only shoots or blows holes and does nothing else is a waste of tax money.  To shoot holes in things and deliver a magic attack at the same time, Aeldrethians go for pointed or blunt projectiles launched by non-explosive devices — i.e. bows and arrows, crossbows, catapults, trebuchets, and ballistas, the capacity and design of which can be quite amazing.  Arrows, bolts, and spears, etc., both mundane and enchanted are to Aeldrethian warfare as bullets are to Earth warfare.

Personal Weaponry:

Personal weaponry is either of the club or blade type.  Most people carry at least a dagger about with them, and fighting and duels are not at all uncommon, though usually illegal.  Personal weapons can also be either mundane or enchanted.