The Grand Navigators comprise twenty-three volcanic sea mount islands clustered in the center of the Sea of Lyr between the continent of Lyrion and the continent of Danul.  While all the islands are named and most are inhabited at least part of the year, only the two main islands, Ilaroc and Legui, are well known to outsiders.

The Grand Navigators is one of the most isolated nations in Aeldreth, geographically, though not socially or politically.  They are situated in the otherwise empty, vast stretch of the Lyr between the Gulf of Rir to the east (approx. 1200 Lyrian leagues) and the Serpent Straits of Lyrion to the west (approx. 800 Lyrian leagues), known as the Center Reaches.  Its nearest neighbors are the island nations of Farind and Faurolia, also known as the Gateway Isles, about 800 Lyrian leagues (Ll) and 4-5 days sailing under ideal conditions west-northwest.  Then the Bird Isle, Relnaor, in the Realm of Danul, about 900 Ll northeast and 5-6 days sailing.  Ebatanaan on the coast of Belenosia lies about 1200 Ll due east and about 8-10 days sailing.  Finally, The Hells, twin chains of islands in the Southern Lyr, falling within the bounds of the lawless realm of Caillun, are about 1000 Ll due south and about 7 days sailing.

The islands are formed by the jagged summit of a massive, dormant volcano.  The main and secondary islands, Ilaroc and Legui, are dominated by the main cones, Mount Petinofoa and Mount Uafoa.  Smaller vents are found on the lesser isles.  The terrain is rocky and mountainous, with steep slopes rising from the shores of the big islands.  Many of the lesser isles are little more than massive rocks jutting out of the ocean or low-lying coral atolls.  The land is generally fertile, and the isles are moderately forested with a mix of mid-latitude growth including native cypress and cedar varieties, fruit trees, and a host of “wandering” species brought in over the millennia by the vagaries of wind and current, such as varieties of palm trees.  High white limestone cliffs, pink sand beaches, mixed growth forests, deep ravines, and terraced farmlands are all features of the Grand Navigators.

The lowest points on the isles are at sea level, and include the coral atolls, which are sometimes submerged entirely by ocean storms.  The highest point is the summit of Mt. Petinofoa at about 2700 feet above sea level (about 7000 feet from the ocean floor).  The next highest is Mt. Uafoa at about 1800 feet above sea level.

Main Island:  Ilaroc, the Whispering Isle.  Mt. Petinofoa dominates the center of the island.  Plesz, the capital city of the Sovereign Duchy, is located on the east coast.  The Citadel of Grippio, government center of the Dukedom in Plesz, overlooks one of the largest and busiest harbors in Aeldreth.

Secondary Island: Legui, the Dreaming Isle.  Mt. Uafoa occupies the western end of the island, which then slopes in a saddle-back formation to the eastern cliffs.  The primary farming area of the Navigators.

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