How To Tips (OOC)

1.  The Grand Navigators (TGN) is a sand box world in which RPs can be run.  The current RP running in TGN is The Arcana of Blood (TGN:AB) (Jen|Mura, GM). TGN:AB has some game-like elements, but it is mostly a collaborative storytelling RP.  Emphasis is on story and character, plot is improvised and free-flowing within the bounds of the world/systems, and player/author-generated content is encouraged.

2.  Please only post In Character (IC). If you need to put OOC notes in an IC post (footnotes, joint authorship by-line, etc.), please keep them short and clearly separate from the IC parts (labeled OOC, different color or italics, etc.).

3.  For general OOC needs, please use Cafe Muravyets or IRC chat at Gamesurge.

In Cafe Muravyets, make sure to click the TGN:AB category for all your OOC posts for this story.  Then we can find all related OOC posts just by clicking the category in the sidebar.

For IRC, I’ll send you the channel link.

4.  Authors: Please do not use Comments in TGN. I’d like to keep Comments for readers to use.  We can run our OOC conversations via posts and comments in the Cafe blog and in IRC.

5.  Usual RP protocols apply: No metagaming.  No godmodding.  No controlling or forcing actions or outcomes on other people’s characters without their agreement.  Etc., etc.  We all know how to do it.  😉

Exceptions:  The TGN world uses magic.  A lot.  This means that wizards can cast spells on PCs.  All spell castings on PCs are temporary and will be subject to rolls for success/failure and duration.  If a PC wants to use a countermeasure, first make sure you actually have it, then roll for success/failure on that as well.  But if the spell succeeds, and you get turned into a newt, then you must play as a newt until you get better.  Regardless, no permanent outcomes will be pushed on any PC without the player’s consent.  So don’t panic.

6.  Randomization: We’re not going to pick holes in each other’s coats here.  We have trust in each other.  If you have a dice or other random choice system you like, feel free to use it for anything where outcomes need to be randomized.  Posting about it in OOC is optional.  For my PC actions and GM controlled outcomes, I will be using the standard dice and coin flips at  Tweaks to randomization systems can be worked out in OOC.

7.  The TGN world is being developed as we RP it. I actually do have the whole place written out, but rather than dump a ton of wiki stuff into the blog up front, I’m planning to add bits as we come to them.  This will include maps, descriptions, tips and rules, picture references, and reference links.  If you have any questions about TGN NPCs or How Things Work, just ask me in OOC.  Otherwise, just thrill to the novelty of a new world unfolding before your eyes in IC.  🙂

8.  TGN:AB is a closed RP, open to authors by invitation only. If you would like to ask about joining our group, please post a comment to the stickie on the front page of Cafe Muravyets.

— Jen|Mura


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