The people of Aeldreth are all genetically human (or close enough), but having evolved in the aura-rich environment of their world, they exhibit physical and functional variations that do not occur or are extremely rare in other human-populated worlds, such as Earth.

There are five major racial groups in Aeldreth, within each of which many ethnic variations occur.  The following descriptions are brief generalizations of average types, and do not claim to represent all members of each group.

Faerie are the most numerous population group, though socially, they may be the least cohesive.  With typically very high aura levels, faerie are natural shapeshifters from birth.  As a result, they often develop permanent signs of whatever other forms they most often adopt as they age, such as vestigial wings, leaves growing out of their hair, deformations of the limbs or extremities, extreme size variations, etc.  Faerie lifespans are quite variable due to the chaotic effects of their sometimes extremely high aura levels.  Faerie culture is strong on tradition, and they have a lot of traditions, perhaps too many for consistency.

Elves are the second most populous demographic.  Typically tall, long-limbed people, they are known for significant variations in complexion and coloring.  Mild striping or spots are not unusual.  Most elves have high aura levels but are more physically stable than faerie.  The average elf lifespan is about 800 years.  Elf culture is highly cohesive, based on a hierarchy of nation, tribe, clan, and family, in ascending order of importance, with a strong emphasis on mercantilism.  Currently, the elf tribes of the sea and forests are the most powerful economic and political groups in Aeldreth, and their culture is a global influence.

Dwarves, along with goblins, make up the next group by population size.  Dwarves are typically significantly shorter than elves, though, again, individual variation is notable.  They are known for their hairiness and also for their intelligence and resourcefulness.  Average aura levels in dwarves are relatively low, but there some very famous dwarf wizards, and dwarves dominate the field of military magitech.   The average natural lifespan of dwarves can be up 1000 years.  Traditionally preferring the enclosed environments of mountains and caverns, dwarves dominate mining and related industries such as stone cutting, metallurgy, and engineering.  Dwarf culture counts family and work as the highest values.

Goblins vary greatly in average heights, body types and coloring, but one hallmark feature is the development with maturity of pronounced bony growths on various parts of their bodies, particularly their heads.  This is caused by a genetic condition, but is highly prized among goblins.  Like dwarves, goblins are very long-lived naturally, but their war-like lifestyle often shortens their lives quite drastically.  They also have relatively low aura levels, compared to elves and faerie, but like dwarves are quite skilled in magitechnical engineering.  Traditional goblin culture prizes war and prowess in battle above all else, making the goblin tribes the most belligerent of all groups.  However, that tradition is controversial among modern goblins, with many seeking to assimilate into elf and dwarf societies.

Eormen are the smallest minority group in Aeldreth.  In appearance, they are similar to elves, though with less variation in coloring.  Like goblins, they show great individual variation in height and body type.  They have the lowest average aura levels of all races, though again, individual variation is pronounced, with some of the most powerful wizards in history being eormen.  They definitely have the shortest natural lifespans at about one century.  Eormen are known for being highly adaptable, inquisitive, and intelligent, but also for being flighty and unpredictable.  Eormen culture is individualistic and prizes achievements.

Note:  Eormen are the same as humans of Earth.  Earth’s ambient aura saturation is extremely low while its EMF saturation is extremely high compared to Aeldreth.  It has been discovered that high-aura people can experience negative health effects from excessive EMF exposure.  It may be significant that low-aura eormen/humans thrive in low-aura Earth, but are a very small minority in Aeldreth.