Ionas Farseer

Author: Bazalonia

Name: Ionas Farseer Ymuin

Age: 92 (More equivalent to a 25-year-old human)
Height: 6′ 4″
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: short, Dark-blonde
Eyes: Piercing Deep Aqua



Tall and thin. No particularly distinguishing marks or scars on his face, arm or any other place generally visible to those around. His face is itself quite sharp in appearance from cheekbone, ears and nose but his cheeks do soften dramatically when happy.


Quite odd, is a good way to describe his manner, Ionas approaches things and sees things much different from many other elves. He can be a good laugh but can also be very serious depending on the situation.


Mainly white shirts, blank pants and leather jacket though he does have more clothes to help protect against the elements in the crow’s nest. However in his room locked away in his trunk are a set fancy clothes, clothes that he loathes to wear but which still may one day may come in handy.


Eyeglasses, even Ionas’ naturally keen sight does on the occasion need a boost.

5 Daggers for up close and ranged combat.

Special Abilities:

Keen Eye Sight: Can not only see further but in finer detail than most elves.  This gave him his name as not only can he see better further away but that’s seemingly where his attention was most of the time.

Throwing accuracy: Thanks in most part to his eye sight and steady hand, Ionas can perform impressive feats of accuracy, placing thrown items exactly where he wants them.

Selkie: Called the Wind Singers by some, the selkie sea elf tribe are renowned for their ability to conjure winds by singing and whistling. Like all sea elves, selkies are natural swimmers, resistant to cold, and able to hold their breath underwater for up to ten minutes.


Having been born to a noble family it had been expected that Ionas follow in the family business, running a ship building operation, but for some reason that never seemed to appeal to the young elf.  The responsibilities and trappings of nobility, even the titles thereof, had no lustre.

Ionas could never sit still and always wanted to know what was around the corner or in a different area of town, and this drove his parents to distraction. They tried to gentrify their son, but he wasn’t very interested in the clothes, in the expectations nor the formality.  He did know how to behave in these circles.  He just had no desire to.

He drove his parents to distraction, and when one day a strange airship docked in Sesus and its owner was looking for crew, Ionas signed up. His parents never understood him, and they couldn’t understand why anyone, let alone a noble, would be interested in such a contraption. In the end, all they could do was shake their heads in dismay and watch as their son departed.


Ionas does have one major hobby, ship spotting.  He’s more interested in the stories of ships than their construction.  He records the date/time and location (as best he can) of the various ships that he sees.

Contacts & Networking:

Apart from his parents, and a few other nobles his age who he knows but doesn’t have a close relationship with, he has little in contacts or networking.