Tayliana Winddancer

Author: Maurepas

Name:  Tayliana Winddancer Dahtaligaar

Age: 66 (roughly 18 or so in Human Years)

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair:  Red, long, down to her back
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Elf/Tuatha

Body/Face:  Tall and slender, very lithe,  very pale, almost translucent skinned.
Manner: Loyal to a fault, yet considered rather impish, occasionally overly nervous.
Clothes: Loose fitting full-length wool black jacket and baggy britches, with a jewel encrusted leather bodice, and black leather boots.

Various candles and incense for setting calm and other moods and necessary degrees of atmosphere for spells. Combat Dagger and an Athame for spells.

Special Abilities:
Considered to have natural talent for Wizardry and Witchcraft, though still a little rough around the edges at her age. Some skill with the dagger in case of a more physical fight.

Tayliana Dahtaligaar was born in a small town called Waerr in the Scythes Lands of Danul to a relatively wealthy farming family. From a very early age, she was quite adept at the magical arts, and as such was allowed to study in the finest institutions towards the subject available in her homeland. However, during her sutanehl, the traditional time in which the Elvish people begin their first ventures as an adult, she began to suspect that she was different from the other people of her community.

She had always been quite mediocre at farming, and never had she ever truly enjoyed it.  It was as a part of this venture she first came into contact with sailors and their boats, an act which would define her in the coming years, as Tayliana discovered her natural knack for the manipulation of the winds, a profitable commodity among sailing vessels which she hoped would be her ticket to a life of her own, away from the Scythes Lands. However, Tayliana “Winddancer” as she would come to be known had expectant family working in the fields, who also saw her gifts as a profitable commodity to aid in their growing of crops for sale at the market. As she grew more and more restless, her parents pressed harder and harder for her to stay, giving her less and less free time to herself, and more and more time in the fields, as if more exposure would increase her interest in them. The more she dreamed of sailing the oceans, the more she was guilted into staying, her father repeating how much need he had of her to ensure the viability of the harvest.

Finally as she entered into her final year at the academy, an alien man appeared seemingly from nowhere with the most fantastic machine she’d yet laid eyes on. It was then that Tayliana discovered her true destiny, to sail the skies daring risks and dangers few Aeldrethians would even consider facing. And it was then the Winddancer’s story truly began…

Chess, fishing, and the occasional body-surfing and swimming when the conditions are right.

Contacts & Networking:
Friend to her employers Captain Jean Lafitte III, and Bull and Jackal Mercantile


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