Aeldreth is an Age of Sail world enhanced by magic.

The base level of technology is equivalent to Earth’s 18th century, with heavy emphasis on wind and water power, use of livestock or manual labor, and hand manufacturing.  There are either direct or magical equivalents to such major inventions as the printing press, the turbine, the clipper ship, etc.  There are even magical versions to such early experimental concepts as trains, telegraphs, batteries, and even low-altitude flight.  Technology of flight is a perennial interest, but practical application of high-altitude flight is inhibited by natural hazards such as dragons.

Important and common tech and magic-tech items in general use:

Psychegraph: Equivalent to the telegraph, the Aeldrethian psychegraph system involves psychics using the enhanced aura of the world’s ley lines to send and receive messages.  Equipment includes aura booster towers that enhance the aura field intensity at psychegraph stations, divinatory pendulum and letter board sets, and scrivener pens (an enchanted writing tool).  All major cities and most towns, as well as government agencies, the military, the press, and some major private enterprises, have psychegraph stations and offices.  Psychegraphs are more expensive than regular letters, but private citizens commonly use them for urgent communications as well.

Trains: A relatively new technology, train systems also tap into ley lines to move cars along prescribed routes.  Aeldrethian trains look rather like enclosed boats linked together, and they are renowned for crashes and derailments.  Nevertheless, they are becoming increasingly popular for freight and passengers, particularly in Belenosia and Danul, where the terrain supports relatively extensive systems.  They are rarer in the mountainous and broken terrains of Aria and Lyrion, and do not exist at all in the Grand Navigators where there is not enough land to make them worthwhile.

Wind Cords: One of the many enchanted items commonly available in Aeldreth, wind cords are lengths of light rope bearing three or six knots per length.  Each knot binds a wind.  Cut or loosen the knot, and the wind will be released to move a sailing ship, power a turbine or windmill, or any other thing one might possibly need a wind for.  Wind cords are, obviously, a standard tool of sailors.  The color of the cord indicates the strength of the winds it holds.

Dragon Tongue Amulets: Translation device.  Although Aeldreth uses a Common Speech, many languages are spoken, and not everyone is fluent in Common.  Dragon’s Tongue amulets are enchanted pendants that, when activated, radiate an energy field around the wearer that allows them to understand any speech they hear, and have what they say be understood by anyone else, provided both speaker and listener are standing within the range of the amulet (usually about 10 feet).  Dragon’s Tongue amulets do have an expiration date at which the spell will start to wear off, but they are recyclable. They can be traded in for a fresh one at just about any enchanter’s shop.

Dragon Eye Lenses: Another translation device.  These are enchanted quartz lenses, usually mounted in frames as spectacles, monocles, or reading lenses (like magnifiers).  They allow a person to understand any written or printed text of any language. They are popular among scholars.  Like Dragon Tongues, their spell has an expiration date, and they are recyclable.

Note:  It was discovered by the Ereonis brothers that neither Dragon Tongues nor Dragon Lenses will work with electronic media, so they cannot be used in Earth, for instance, to talk on telephones, read from computer screens, or understand television shows.

Sailing Ships: Ships can be magical or mundane or have combined features. They are the rock star technology of Aeldreth, and are especially valued by the sea elf tribes, such as the merrows and the selkies.

Bicycles: A recent introduction to Aeldreth from the adventure of the Lords of Ereon through the dimensional vortices, bicycles and many variations on the theme, are becoming wildly popular.  Magic is only occasionally applied to them.

This is only a small sampling of items in use in modern Aeldreth.