Y’lanna Sparti

Author: Bazalonia

Name: Y’lanna Sparti

Age: 187, Zonelogers can live up to 900 years and Y’lanna is nothing more than a teenager
Race: Zoneloge
Height: 6′ 2”
Weight: unknown, but heavier than you would think for someone her shape and size
Hair: None, Zonelogers do not have hair in the normal sense but a combination of vertical ridges and flaps of skin are somewhat analogous
Eyes: Yellow

Body/Face: Y’lanna is entirely purple, but apart from that and the ‘hair’ looks remarkably like a female human
Manner: Y’lanna has a rather appealing manner, in that most males of other species (some females too) can’t help take notice and ‘appreciate’ the view. Y’lanna can be quite seductive but is also naturally good as a diplomat/representative.
Clothes: Y’lanna has two sets of clothes… a close-fitting jump suit showing off some very feminine features, or skimpy bikini.

Apart from clothes and what will be a destroyed spacecraft… nothing.

Special Abilities:
Seductive: Can consciously enhance ‘her’ sensuality to attract a mate or to make requests or things seem more reasonable than they are.

Psychic Melding: Y’lanna can psychically link with another person to share thoughts and knowledge.  In essence, Y’lanna and whomever she melds with become one… usually done as part of Zoneloger mating but does occur outside of this paradigm as well.

Having entered into some disastrous business arrangements at a young age Y’lanna had to sell herself into indentured servitude to repay debts. After 20 years of humiliation she finally had enough. Y’lanna escaped her owner and managed to take possession of a light transport ship just recently commissioned for intra-system trade. To complete her escape she entered a spatial anomaly and found herself in the Vortex zone of the Lyr Sea.

Still trying to find herself after some rather bad experiences with indentured servitude aka none

Contacts & Networking: none

Adventures (links to RPs): none

Other Info:
Y’lanna Sparti is a Zoneloger, a species that has mastered space and faster than light travel. She is from a futuristic world known as the Cerebral Moon which has advanced technology, far beyond that of Aeldreth which is going to generate a whole lot of confusion and interesting circumstances as she tries to comes to grips with this strange new world.


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