Lotye O’Tulvar

Author: Avayu

Name: Lotye O’Tulvar

Age: 22
Height: 5′ 3”
Weight: 61kg / 135lbs
Hair: Reddish brown, long and straight, goes down to her lower back
Eyes: Light blue, lucid and brisk


Body/Face: Her long hair frames a nice, feminine face with lovely eyes and beautifully swung lips. In contrast to that, her petite body clearly shows that it had to suffer from hunger more than once.

Manner: Open and jovial for the people she trusts, much more cool, often even dismissive, for everyone else. As an impostor and trickster, she is not always telling the truth. The one thing she is really proud of is her hair, which she takes excessive care of whenever she has the time.

Clothes: While travelling Lotye wears simple dresses and aprons in muted colours. For dealing with her customers, she has a few more fancy things to put on. She also has no problems with wearing men’s clothes, if needed.


– In her cart she has most of the things she needs for her daily life and swindle, such as supplies, cooking utensils, a few sets of clothes and costumes and of course the items she sells. The cart itself is barely suitable for longer journeys and dragged by some old nag.

– A simple dagger used for every possible task, from preparing meals to cutting purses loose.

– A small medallion, the only connection to her true origin. On the inside it shows an old, washed out photograph.

Special Abilities:

Trickster: Lotye does a lot of things to get through. She is experienced in a lot of aspects of crime, from pickpocketing to fraud. Her main source of income is the trade with fake magical items and she has a talent for selling people things they wouldn’t need even if her items worked.

Basic knowledge of magic: Her aura level was deemed worthy for further training. Though she has never ended this training, she has still picked up a few things here and there.

Quick fingers: She is quite dexterous, which helps with her thieveries and also for posing as a circus artist.


Lotye was found floating on a plank on sea as a small child. Though her position wasn’t particularly close to any vortex zone, the only possibility seemed to be that the human child came from another world. The Eormen fisher who found her adopted her as his own daughter and named her after the month of her arrival.

Lotye’s childhood in a small fishing village took course without any bigger happenings, but she was known as a fidgety pupil who would rather run around outside than sit in school. Her adoptive-father was an honest, hard-working, but also very harsh man, which led to many an argument. His wife always had taken a liking to the girl, but she died when her daughter was fifteen, making her life even harder.

After she left school, at the age of eighteen, Lotye was sent to a guild magician to receive official education on how to use her talent. But she was unlucky, she couldn’t get along with her master and the many strict rules and regulations didn’t appeal to the young, adventurous woman. Only one and half a year later, she ran away and began to live as a vagabond.

Since then, she has seen many places in Lyrion, but has usually never stayed long, sometimes leaving with a group of her enraged victims on her heels. She often travels with circuses, which give her a little bit of cover for her criminal trade.

Hobbies: Other than her obsession with her hair, Lotye hasn’t many hobbies. She likes to dance and sometimes helps out as a juggler in the circus she is travelling with.

Contacts & Networking: Lotye has a few contacts among the seedy parts of society. Most of the people she would call friends travel with various circuses and because of a sense of solidarity among the poor artists, she usually is able to find a hideout or a warm campfire for the night even when she doesn’t know any of them directly.

Adventures (links to RPs):

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