Peino Starhand

Author:    Jen|Mura

Name:    Peino Starhand Ereonis

Age:        95 in elf years; equivalent to 35 in human years
Height:    6’ 5”
Weight:    185 lbs
Hair:    dark flaxen blond; very long and straight
Eyes:    large, dark brown
Complexion:    dark tan with brown spots like large freckles
Race/Ethnicity:    Elf/Selkie


Body/Face:    Tall, lean, athletic.  He has several scars, the biggest of which is a nasty-looking mark on his back from a collision with a jagged rock in the surf.  His face is lean with prominent cheekbones and nose and a thoughtful, reserved expression, often broken by a bright, wry smile.

Manner:    Businesslike.  Courtly, well-trained manners, but often impatient with rituals of protocol.  Very much the captain and prince.  Honest; conscientious; hot, but not quick, tempered; fair; polite except when he’s rude on purpose (to the degree that others will see a captain and prince as polite).

Typical evening attire

Clothes:    In keeping with his rank and wealth, Peino dresses in the height of Aeldrethian fashion (similar to 18th century Earth garb) in the best fabrics and finest work, when he’s in town.  His usual colors are in the blue family.

When he’s not in town, he’s at sea.  He wears the clothing and insignia of a high-ranking master captain and commander of the sovereign navy of the Grand Navigators when he’s in port, but when away from land, he prefers simple sailor’s garb of cotton britches, sweaters, and waterproof coat or cloak.

Captain's coat and insignia


The Marsh King’s Daughter:  Peino’s personal vessel as well as a flagship of the Grand Navigators, the Marsh King’s Daughter is a three-masted, 180-foot long, medium sloop, armed with sixteen 24-bolt ballistas and four swivel-bows (two each fore and aft), with side-plating of white sea serpent scales.  She carries a minimum crew of 55 (racing and cruising) and a maximum of 250 (war).  She is generally considered the fastest ship of her class in Aeldreth and has won the Lyr’s Cup Challenge (circumnavigational race) five times in a row.  The Daughter has a white hull plated with iridescent white serpent scales, a white crane figurehead, and blue sails bearing the emblem of House Ereon.  She sails under the flag of the Grand Navigators and is registered out of the port of Plesz.

similar in style

Rapier and dagger:  Peino’s personal weapons are a rapier and dagger set with narrow, double-edged blades etched with a wave pattern. The handles are of spiral-carved whale bone with silver pommels in the shape of octopuses.  The guard of the sword is in the shape of an octopus with the long tentacles wrapping around the user’s hand.

Special Abilities:

Navigation and Seamanship:  Peino is generally considered the best navigator and ship’s master since his legendary ancestor, Ereon the Great.  He gained the name Starhand because people say he holds the stars in the palm of his hand.

Selkie:  Called the Wind Singers by some, the selkie sea elf tribe are renowned for their ability to conjure winds by singing and whistling.  Like all sea elves, selkies are natural swimmers, resistant to cold, and able to hold their breath underwater for up to ten minutes.


First born (by 15 minutes) of the triplet sons of Duke Yirie and Duchess Olimea of the Grand Navigators, Peino has been the Sovereign Prince of the Grand Navigators and Scion of the House of Ereon since his birth.  This position has bound him to a life of service to his family and nation, which he chiefly fulfills by acting as Champion to the Isles and senior diplomat of the Dukedom (which can sometimes be an issue, considering his dislike of empty rituals and protocols).

The workload is not that heavy, however, and he occupies the rest of his time with Three Bears Trading Company, the business he runs with his brothers, and with his favorite sport, sail racing.

Peino is also a fixture in the social scene of Plesz, the capital city of the Grand Navigators, as well as other major cities in Aeldreth.  He is considered one Aeldreth’s most eligible bachelors.

Naturally, Peino was raised in the lap of luxury and privilege, but he has been to war, fought monsters, fought duels, explored unknown lands, faced alien hells, forced concessions from demons and demigods, seen people he cared for die, gained lasting enemies and lasting friends.

Peino enjoys playing cards in taverns and at parties, drinks coffee and salted mead (a selkie tradition), and enjoys the company of beautiful women.  He keeps a townhouse in the fashionable neighborhood of Cherryrose Lane in Plesz.


Peino is an avid sail racer who participates in events in both light- and medium-class boats and ships.  He has won the Lyr’s Cup Challenge, a grueling circumnavigational race, with the Marsh King’s Daughter all five times he has entered.

Contacts & Networking:

Numerous!  For starters:

Immediate family:

Their Sovereign Graces, Olimea and Yirie of the Duchy of the Grand Navigators, his parents.
Lord Jeneyeru Ereonis, Lord High Magus of the Isles, his brother.
Lord Ruili Ereonis, Lord Admiral of the Navigators, his other brother.
Lady Belece Ereonis, Seer of the House of Ereon.

Friends and Colleagues:

Senye of Esvae, agent (spy) of the Glimmering Throne of Aria.
Cirroll Oranant, captain of the King Grace out of Danul.

Enemies and/or Rivals:

Meagg MacMorrigan, the Pirate Queen of the Desert Coasts.
Bloody-Eye Gos, a Red Cap bandit.
Etha Bloodbane, a freelance assassin.