Welcome to Aeldreth (IC)

Welcome, Travelers, to Aeldreth, a world of gods, magic, and fantastic creatures.

Once lost in the chaos of a shattered cosmos, the lands of Aeldreth were recently stunned by the news that mariners from the Sovereign Duchy of the Grand Navigators had discovered a zone in the Center Reaches of the Sea of Lyr where inter-dimensional vortices apparently permit passage to and from real, actual other worlds!

The vortex zone is an area of unstable aura fields, which manifest as frequent, tornadic storms.  Entering one of these vortex tornadoes (or funnel-tunnels as they are commonly called) will transport one to whatever world that particular vortex is attached to.  Like normal storms, the vortices come and go with shifting environmental conditions.

So far, only two alien realities have been visited by the mariners who discovered the zone, rather by accident.  They reported both worlds to be quite odd, and one fairly dangerous.

Nevertheless, a New Age of Discovery was promptly heralded by the international press, and public excitement, as well as suspicion, of this dramatic widening of the world is high.  Wizards from all over the four realms work tirelessly to tame and harness the vortices, while explorers search the lands for more such zones.

To date, the wizards have succeeded in mapping the Lyr Zone, developing charms to detect the formation of vortices, and identifying the end point of a funnel-tunnel with approximately 30% accuracy.  They continue to work on stabilizing the vortices and, ultimately, a means of summoning them at will.

The explorers, meanwhile, declare two more potential vortex zones, one among the high, white peaks of the World Spine in Aria, another in the heart of the Kaba Desert in Belenosia.  Neither of these has been proven.

The popular heroes of this New Age are the renowned Lords of Ereon, sons of the Dukedom of the Grand Navigators.  They are, of course, His Serene Highness, Peino Starhand Ereonis, Prince of the Grand Navigators and Scion of the House of Ereon (etc.), and his younger brothers (by 15 and 35 minutes, respectively), Lord Jeneyeru Nightwise Ereonis, Lord High Magus of the Isles, Lord of Shadows, Earl of Ereon (etc.), and Lord Ruili Windwolf Ereonis, Lord High Admiral of the Grand Navigators, Earl of Ereon (etc.).  The tale of how they made this momentous discovery in the course of bringing a murderous pirate to justice is a matter of public record.

The Lyr Zone occurs approximately two days’ sail east-nor’east of the Grand Navigators, well within the maritime jurisdiction of the Sovereign Duchy.  The Duchy’s navy patrols the area, monitoring the vortex storms, supporting research vessels, and policing any traffic that may go, or come, through the vortices.  The few brave or lost beings that have come to Aeldreth this way, rather than being cast adrift on a strange sea (as they may well have been, unbeknownst to anyone, before), are now greeted and, provided they are not rampaging monsters bent on destruction, brought to the harbor of Plesz, capital city of the Navigators, on the Whispering Isle of Ilaroc.  From there, after appropriate processing, they are free to travel as they please and may, conditions and laws permitting.

Welcome to the world of legends.  Proceed at your own risk.