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Ch. 397 – The Faerie Valet

Storm and warfare raged on Mt. Isolla, but the day passed mildly over Thimble’s small boat once Y’lanna Sparti was back on it and Beau Bergeron was not. Thimble had to admit a certain disappointment at losing the despicable assassin … Continue reading

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Ch. 396 – Potion of Exploration

Beyond his natural sea-elf talents with the wind and the waves, Ionas never had any real experience or aptitude in magic. His life had been devoted to much more mundane and dull areas. The dull and repetitive competition between rival … Continue reading

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Ch. 395. The Seer, the Surgeon, and the Cloister of Truth

Iraem Raveneye Etonaris, Seventh Level Master of the Guild of Wizards and Magi and Tenth Level Advanced Master of the Thousand Forests School of Divinatory Arts, scratched at the root of the antler above his left brow. The itch was … Continue reading

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Ch. 394. A Snake in a Den of Thieves

Beau Bergeron wasn’t usually one to let aches and pains take him down. His life was aches and pains, forged in the fires of the Assassins Guild, the swamps surrounding New Orleans being his training ground. The pain of a … Continue reading

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Ch. 393. Into the Labyrinth

Defensive salvos from the towers began raggedly. Along with Jeneyeru’s fleet of shadows, the lowering storm turned day into night. The clouds lit up and the rain glowed with the light of the magical bursts, scattered widely at first in … Continue reading

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