Sea Serpents

Aquatic, non-venomous, non-fire-breathing, relatives of dragons.

Sea serpents resemble monstrous eels and are scaled rather like fish.  Mature serpents can reach lengths of over 100 feet with jaws capable of biting a small whale in half.  They can sometimes be seen basking on the surface of the ocean.  They typically hunt large fish and marine mammals.  The inter-island waters of Lyrion, particularly the famed Serpent Straits, are the most fertile sea serpent fishery in the world.  The waters of Lyrion are usually teeming with juvenile serpents.

Media Sensationalism

Commercially traded sea serpent products include the scales which are highly prized as armor, and the pearls they produce in their mouths which can be the size of a man’s head and are used in magic and scrying.


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