Miscellaneous Items

See also, Arcana.

Instructions for how to use the Arcana cards
Description:  A printed parchment sheet.
Power/Use:  Instructions on using the cards to summon their spirits.  Origin and validity of these instructions is uncertain.
Status:  One copy was stolen by Lotye O’Tulvar from a buyer of Blood Arcana cards in Sesus; it was obtained by Jeneyeru Nightwise when he got the cards.
Find the translation here.

Carved Idol
Description:  A primitive figure carved of wood.
Power/Use:  A charmed idol belonging to Manawydden, god of weather and sailors.  It blesses the one to whom it was granted with fair winds, but curses anyone who steals it with a persistent, pursuing storm.  Such idols are earned by doing quests for the god, and the related curse can only be lifted by a quest as well.
Status:  Currently owned by Ionas Farseer, who took it from the top mainmast of the Spriggan pirate ship Reputation.  He owns the cursed storm now, too, which follows him everywhere he goes.

Seer’s Compass of Recollection Echoes
Description:  An enchanted item; a compass used in forensic wizardry to recover memories of witnesses and other parties in investigations.
Power/Use:  Gaze into the mirror, speak the magic words, think about what you have seen before and are trying to find or remember.  The compass will point the way.
Status:  Currently owned by Jeneyeru Nightwise.

Boxes of Nothing
Description: Black wooden boxes carved with magical sigils and diagrams formulating an aura-dampening void spell.  They can be of any size or shape, but Jeneyeru purchased three about the size of a moderately thick book.
Power/Use: Boxes of Nothing conceal and contain magical aura.  A magical item inside the box cannot be detected from outside the box, nor can magic inside the box affect things outside the box.
Status: Jeneyeru, Lotye, and Peino are each carrying one Box of Nothing, each of which may or may not contain all or some of the Blood Arcana cards collected by Jeneyeru so far.  They may have the boxes on their persons or in their luggage.

Wards of Turn-to-Stone
Description: Small padlocks carved from glittering crystal, a protective ward based on a lunar spell.
Power/Use:  Snap the lock onto any object or person. As soon as the lock is closed, the spell activates, and anyone who tries to touch the protected person or object will be turned to stone, i.e. frozen.  This effect will last until the next full moon, and there is no way to break the spell until then.  That means both that anyone frozen by the Wards will stay frozen and that anyone or anything protected by the Wards cannot be touched until the moon cycles around.  Wards of Turn-to-Stone are typically used by shippers or travelers in dangerous locations, as a deterrent against attackers.
Status: Jeneyeru purchased three Wards of Turn-to-Stone for each of Peino, Lotye, Thimble, and himself.

Eyes of the Dreamer
Description: A matched pair of silver rings set with enchanted agates magically transformed into living eyes of stone.
Power/Use: Eyes of the Dreamer rings are scrying tools used by spies, military scouts, and other teams of people who need to track each other and share visual information. Each person wears a ring, and by switching the rings between the left and right hand, they can adjust whether one sees the other, which way the vision runs, or if they both see each other, and what they are seeing around them.
Status: Jeneyeru bought a pair, gave one to Lotye and kept the other for himself.

Vials of Shadow, Radiance, and Poison
Description: A set of three small glass vials containing non-potable potions.  They come with the spell to cast their powers, written in Atultaec and translating as the basic, “In Caillech’s name and by my will.”  A standard item in the repertoire of the Luminous Shadow Way.
Power/Use: Step 1: Say the magic words.  Step 2: Uncork a vial. Step 3: Throw the vial at one’s target to unleash the spell.  Powers: As it says on the tin — Shadow, Radiance, and Poison, one each.
Status: Jeneyeru bought one set for each of Peino, Lotye, Thimble, and himself.


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