“The Grand Navigators”

Welcome to the RP blog of Peino Starhand Ereonis, recounting the multi-world travels of himself and his brothers, Jeneyeru Nightwise and Ruili Windwolf, their friends, family, and various beings met along the way.

This is a mostly character-driven fantasy RP.  The brothers come from an island nation called The Isles of the Grand Navigators, in a fictional world called Aeldreth, which will be described in detail over time in this blog.  However, as the “grand navigators” that they are, Peino et al. have been known to appear in many different worlds and many different contexts, associating with all sorts, as they travel the literary multiverse in search of adventure, fame, and fortune.

This is an experiment in collaborative creative writing.  Posts must be written In Character (IC).  Out Of Character (OOC) notes in posts should be kept to a minimum and must be clearly marked, thusly:

IC: blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

[OOC: muttermuttermuttermutter]

The experiment may wander off in many directions and may spawn multiple blogs over time on different themes or in different genres.  To begin with, the world rules and systems of Aeldreth will govern, but travel will be open-ended.  You will find information about world rules, settings, items and characters in the pages of this blog, added to and updated as we go along.

Welcome all.  Happy RPing to all our authors, and to our readers, we hope you enjoy our tales.

A word about copyright: All original material on this blog is owned completely and entirely by the authors who created it.  We make a mutual agreement with each other regarding cooperative use of our original creations within this blog only and in no other contexts and for no other purposes.  No one who is not an author to this blog may reprint or reuse any original content from this blog for any reason without the express consent of the author of that material.  If you want to reprint or reuse any part of this blog, please contact the blog owner, Jen Fries to inquire about permissions.  Thanks.

Content Disclaimer:

This is not a children’s site. In general, we will max out roughly at an R rating of content (but we are not an officially rated site, either, so don’t bother complaining or nitpicking over it).  This means that some mature content will appear from time to time, including violence, sexuality, disturbing imagery, rough language, and similar adult themes potentially not suitable for all audiences.  As the owner of this blog, I do prohibit any and all illegal content, as well as excessively graphic gore and violence, pornographic sexual content, and overtly and gratuitously offensive material.  However, we make no promises or representations as to the effect of our writing on readers.  Those who are easily offended or upset should perhaps read another blog.  Likewise, those who are seeking guaranteed “family-friendly” or “kid-safe” material should seek elsewhere.

If you see something posted herein that you think violates the guidelines above, please send us a comment about it.  But aside from clear violations, we will likely simply ignore complaints.

— Jen