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Ch. 395. The Seer, the Surgeon, and the Cloister of Truth

Iraem Raveneye Etonaris, Seventh Level Master of the Guild of Wizards and Magi and Tenth Level Advanced Master of the Thousand Forests School of Divinatory Arts, scratched at the root of the antler above his left brow. The itch was … Continue reading

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Ch. 391. Battle Cries

With a few quick movements, the vest fit snugly around her chest, thanks to Ruili’s help. Testing her mobility, Lotye took a few deep breaths and moved her arms in circles. Then she straightened her rain-soaked clothes underneath and gave … Continue reading

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Arcana of Blood returns in 2014! – A note from the authors

Good news, Dear and Patient Readers! Collaborative fiction with a team scattered across the planet is a challenge, what with jobs, university, holidays and whatnot, but The Grand Navigators: Arcana of Blood is finally returning after a long hiatus. To … Continue reading

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Ch. 388. Prepare!

Beau Bergeron was trying to swim with all his might. This can’t be it, he thought, I’ve come too far!. Unbeknownst to him, his crossbowmen who had fallen in with him had already drowned. Their fate had been sealed the moment … Continue reading

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Ch. 385. Reminiscence of Destiny

The crossbowman known as Cutwing looked in shock as his boss and the girl flailed about in the water, splashing the side of the boat. He wasn’t fully prepared for this situation. Cutwing had been a homeless Selkie before signing … Continue reading

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