Ruili Windwolf

Author:    Jen|Mura

Name:    Ruili Windwolf Ereonis

Age:        95 in elf years; equivalent to 35 in human years
Height:    6’ 5”
Weight:    190 lbs
Hair:    dark flaxen blond; very long and usually worn in multiple braids, or else loose and flowing
Eyes:    large, dark brown
Complexion:    dark tan with brown spots like large freckles
Race/Ethnicity:    Elf/Selkie


Body/Face:  Tall, muscular, athletic.  He has many scars, the worst of which are a long welt down the length of his left upper arm and another mangled one along the left side of his torso.  He still has pain and undergoes periodic healing to repair the damage from those injuries, which nearly cost him his life, first, and the use of his arm, second.  His face is lean with prominent cheekbones and nose and a mischievous, intelligent expression, often brightened by a broad, humorous smile.

Manner:     Fun-loving and straight-forward.  Though well-schooled in courtly etiquette and capable of being very refined, Ruili is naturally relaxed and informal, even boisterous when he’s having a good time.  Simple, honest, and unpretentious, he puts people at their ease and is very popular in society and with the public.  But he has a serious side and a depth of thoughtfulness and concentration that help him excel in schools of martial arts emphasizing meditation and mind/body harmony.

Clothes:  Ruili is known even more than his brothers as an Aeldrethian fashion

plate.  His rather flashy tastes when out on the town run to bold colors and elaborate lace and trimmings, with a special fondness for striped waistcoats and loud sashes.  When relaxing at home, however, he tends to “run about like a laborer,” as his mother often chides, wearing little more than britches and shirt.

In his official capacity as Lord High Admiral of the Sovereign Navy of the Grand Navigators, he wears the appropriate clothing and insignia in the blue, white and gold of the Duchy.  But he loses those “fancy things” as soon as he’s away from port, preferring, like his brother Peino, basic sailor’s clothes.  And he always packs what he calls “a proper suit” for unofficial evenings ashore.


The Wolf:  The warship Wolf is the queen flagship of the Sovereign Navy of the Grand Navigators, a four-masted, 300-foot long, heavy sloop-of-war, armed with thirty 24-bolt ballistas on two firing decks, numerous swivel-bows, and side-plating of black sea serpent and green and red dragon scales.  She carries a minimum crew of 150 and a maximum war compliment of 450 seamen and marines.  The Wolf is a former merchantman stolen from the Lyre Lands Mercantile Association by pirates, among whom she changed hands several times.  Ruili took the Wolf from the notorious, self-styled Pirate Queen of the Desert Coasts, Meagg MacMorrigan.  The sloop was refitted as a warship and has been the prize of the Sovereign Duchy ever since.  The Wolf has a black hull plated with darkly iridescent serpent and dragon scales, and a figurehead of a snarling wolf with white whale’s teeth for fangs,  Her white sails bear the emblem of House Ereon.  She sails under the flag of the Grand Navigators and is now registered out of the port of Plesz.

Atasen, the Celestial Sapphire Sword:  Ruili’s signature weapon is a double-edged broadsword enchanted with the power to purify and cleanse all contamination, physical and spiritual.  Ruili won the sword in a duel against a demon in another dimension.  In that same battle, he suffered the wounds that he is still healing from.  In fact, it may be said that Atasen both inflicted those injuries and saved him from them.  Ruili seldom carries Atasen except in battle and for state ceremonies.

Special Abilities:

Martial Arts:  A natural athlete with highly attuned reflexes and body control instincts, Ruili gravitated towards the physical, mental and spiritual disciplines of the martial arts from childhood.  He has studied many styles and mastered several including:

The Great Ocean School. This martial technique is very well-known and only taught in specific schools. It has a reputation for intellectualism, and a casual but important focus onherbalism. It carefully guards its ultimate technique, the “Defensive Cascade.”

The Honorable Way of the Sea. It is famous and taught in schools and informally. Popular with young people being groomed for leadership, it has a reputation for honor and places an additional emphasis on negotiation. This warrior’s way is known for the “Offensive Caress” and the “Drowning Wave Caress.”

The Academy of the Heavens. This martial art is very well-known and only taught in specific schools. It has a legendary reputation for discipline and a casual, but important, focus on meditation. This martial technique is known for the painful “Heavenly Smite” and the intricate “Defensive Sky Kick.”

Every few years, Ruili goes off to study a new tradition, always seeking to expand his skills.

Selkie:  Called the Wind Singers by some, the selkie sea elf tribe are renowned for their ability to conjure winds by singing and whistling.  Like all sea elves, selkies are natural swimmers, resistant to cold, and able to hold their breath underwater for up to ten minutes.


Youngest (by less than an hour) of the triplet sons of Duke Yirie and Duchess Olimea of the Grand Navigators, Ruili’s martial prowess and outgoing, entertaining nature have made him one of thebest-loved celebrities among the Aeldrethian public.  He chose the warrior’s way for himself in his boyhood, and from the days of his sutanehl (elven coming of age quest), he established his reputation for bravery, creative thinking, and wit.

The position of Lord High Admiral was his from birth, but fortunately, he proved to have a natural talent for the job.  He not only has an excellent mind for naval strategy and tactics, but is also generous in recognizing the skills of the commanders and officers under him, and the ability to enthuse and inspire the forces he leads.  Although his brash and often vulgar manners are a humorously scandalous trademark, it is often said he makes a better diplomat than his eldest brother, the Prince, simply by being so likable, relatively.

Ruili’s second great love, theater, came to him while he was still a youth and fell in love with an older actress, who educated the young nobleman in a number of ways.  The theater proved a more steadfast mistress than the lady, offering Ruili an outlet for the creative side of his strategic mind.  Regardless of its backstage dramas and tensions, for Ruili, the world of the stage is pure fun, and he would not trade it for anything.

Needless to say, when he’s not at sea, Ruili is a fixture of the theater district of Plesz and other great cities where he can usually be found in the better pleasure houses, writing or rehearsing scenes, pillowed upon the bosoms of courtesans who may very well end up with a speaking role.

Ruili enjoys the physical pleasures of wine, women and song, is up for any physical challenge if it sounds like fun, but is also compassionate and concerned for the well-being of others, and given to quiet moments of contemplation when it is enough for him to let his mind float on the winds and waves.


Theater:  Ruili is the author of popular plays, a star of the Aeldrethian theater scene.  His love of the stage is boundless.  He writes, directs, stages, and acts in plays, and if his position in the Dukedom would allow for it, he likely would be even more famous as an actor than as a writer.  His productions are known for big casts, flamboyant stage effects, andwry comedy.

Hurling:  Ruili has a long-time and strong fondness for this violent and extremely popular team sport.  He plays it when he can, follows the national league teams, and bets on it.  He tries not to dwell on the fact that the Navigators’ national hurling team barely exist.  The past few years, he has been quite frustrated that those major injuries have sidelined him off the hurling pitch.

Contacts & Networking:

Immediate family:

Their Sovereign Graces, Olimea and Yirie of the Duchy of the Grand Navigators, his parents.

His Serene Highness, Peino Ereonis, Sovereign Prince of the Grand Navigators, his brother.

Lord Jeneyeru Ereonis, Lord High Magus of the Isles, his other brother.

Lady Belece Ereonis, Seer of the House of Ereon.


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