Jeneyeru Nightwise

Author:    Mura

Name:    Jeneyeru Nightwise Ereonis

Age:        95 in elf years; equivalent to 35 in human years
Height:    6’ 5”
Weight:    170 lbs
Hair:    dark flaxen blond; very long and worn in long twists and knots with charms worked in
Eyes:    large, dark brown
Complexion:    dark tan with brown spots like large freckles
Race/Ethnicity:    Elf/Selkie


Body/Face:    Tall, fit, and thin.  He has no scars, but he does have several mystical tattoos about his body.  His face is lean with prominent cheekbones and nose and a reserved, sensitive expression often softened by a gentle smile.

Manner:    Refined and hedonistic.  Jeneyeru’s courtly manner and effeminate carriage create the impression of one who lolligags about in luxury all day long, but though he does love physical comfort, as a master wizard of the Shadow School, he is well acquainted with physical privations and scholarly dedication.

Clothes: In keeping with his profession, Jeneyeru mostly wears the ritual and/or enchanted garments of a wizard.  These feature long coats and vests, cloaks, and a great many charms and amulets, as well as the staff of his rank.

When he is off duty, so to speak, he is hardly less well-attired, preferring to relax in his country home in flowing robes of rich fabrics.


A favorite jacket and robe


The Cairn Hawk:  Jeneyeru’s personal vessel is a so-called elemental ship.  Blessed by Myrddin, god of light magic, the two-masted yacht is able to sail through all the elements – water, air, earth, fire, and even spirit, into the lands of the dead and back again.  The ship was bestowed upon Jeneyeru as reward for a particularly challenging set of quests he performed for Myrddin and Scatha (goddess of dark magic) both.  The Cairn Hawk is crewed by shadows conjured by Jeneyeru and may be equipped with weapons conjured out of such things as blood, darkness, and water.

Arch-magi’s Staff of Ghosts:  A long, slender staff of ebony wood topped with a long cap of bone carved with arcane figures topped by a skull from which protrudes a point of smokey quartz. The bottom tip is capped with iron from a harpoon head.  The staff is about the same thickness as a walking stick and somewhat longer.  It is usually adorned with ribbons and charms.  The quartz point is actually quite long and extends through the bone cap and into the shaft of the staff, serving as a removable dark crystal dagger.

All master wizards carry a staff won from the Guild of Wizards by proving mastery of their skills.  Staves come in many styles and materials, depending on the school of magic and the specialty and rank of the user.  They are both tokens of rank and position and magical tools in their own right.  A wizard’s staff gains power with use.  Jeneyeru’s Staff of Ghosts was won by questing for Caillech, the goddess of death and gateways, and it enhances Jeneyeru’s skills as a Shadow Master in summoning spirits and shades, projecting thought forms to do his bidding, and otherwise manipulating spirit energy.  It also allows him to pass unharmed through the gates of the Ghost Realm.  Even among masters of the Luminous Shadow Way, mastery of the Shadows of Death is a rare specialty.

Special Abilities:

Wizard of the Luminous Shadow Way, a Shadow Master:  Jeneyeru is a high-ranking master of the Luminous Shadow Way, a school of magic that specializes in channeling aura through darkness.  All things, good, bad and indifferent, associated with the dark are within the purview of this style of magic.  The Luminous Shadow Way focuses on darkness first to transform materials and then branching out into related fields of illusion, dream, vision, and projection. It requires names of power, special magical tools including a black obsidian mirror and a blade made from black smokey quartz. This style draws powers from the gods.

Selkie:  Called the Wind Singers by some, the selkie sea elf tribe are renowned for their ability to conjure winds by singing and whistling.  Like all sea elves, selkies are natural swimmers, resistant to cold, and able to hold their breath underwater for up to ten minutes.


Second born (by 15 minutes) of the triplet sons of Duke Yirie and Duchess Olimea of the Grand Navigators, Jeneyeru displayed an early aptitude for magic, particularly transformative and astral spells.  His sutanelh quest put him on the path of Shadows, and he is now one of the stars of the Luminous Shadow Way, one of the esoteric schools.

Being the son of the Dukedom, it was settled without question that, as soon as he reached the qualifying level, he would take the office of State Magus of the Grand Navigators.  In that position, his primary duties are to advise the Dukedom on magical matters, safeguard the Duchy in partnership with the Lord Protector, and divine the national auguries.  Aside from these duties to the state, Jeneyeru devotes much of his time to study and practice, his mind and body immersed in magic.

Compared to the theatrical Ruili and the wander-lusting Peino, Jeneyeru lives a quiet life in the country, on an estate on the southern coast of Ilaroc, a few hours ride south of Plesz.  Three Bears House is named for the three landmark rocks that stand off Three Bears Cove, part of the estate.  There, Jeneyeru lives with his valet, Thimble, a rotating set of apprentices, and a small staff of servants.  He is known as a generous and hospitable host whose dinners and weekend parties are frequented by the glittering set of Navigator society.  However, as pleasant as his house is, it should never be forgotten that it is the home of a wizard.


Cooking:  Like many wizards, Jeneyeru is skilled in the arts of cooking, baking, and making liquors and potions.  Jeneyeru particularly enjoys cooking and baking for his friends and guests and regularly hosts both simple and elaborate dinner parties and picnics.

Contacts & Networking:

Numerous!  For starters:

Immediate family:

Their Sovereign Graces, Olimea and Yirie of the Duchy of the Grand Navigators, his parents.

Peino Ereonis, Sovereign Prince of the Navigators and Scion of House Ereon, his brother.

Lord Ruili Ereonis, Lord Admiral of the Navigators, his other brother.

Lady Belece Ereonis, Seer of the House of Ereon.


And:  Thimble, a faerie shape-shifter who serves as his valet.