Beau Bergeron

Author: Maurepas

Name: Beau Bergeron

Age: 28
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Body/Face: Average height, muscular build, olive-skinned, and clean-shaven with a fleur-de-lys on his neck signifying his connection to the Guilds of New Orleans
Manner: Quiet, contemplative, and collected, with a cold and icy detachment sometimes found off-putting or eerie by those in his acquaintance.
Clothes: Common britches, frock coat,  tricorn hat, buttoned shirt and black leather boots.

Equipment: Sword and knives of various varieties common to Aeldreth, as well as a common Crossbow.

Special Abilities: Skilled assassin and killer, fluent in many styles of martial arts and marksmanship

Background: Beau Bergeron was born into a highly influential and wealthy family within Maurepas. They were members of the shadowy crime syndicate known as the Guilds of New Orleans, and as such, Beau was a trained killer in their employ since the day he came of age. He eventually ascended the ranks of this organization to become an almost legendary member of the Guilds, and it was during this time that he befriended a young enforcer and thief by the name of William Hebert. The two of them, with the help of Beau’s influential family, took the most profitable of jobs available to members of the Guilds, until, with the help of his family, Hebert secured a job working undercover for the syndicate with a group known as the Paranormal Investigation Team, who the Bergeron family intended to hire under the guise of the Guilds leadership to help them cleanse a cursed land and cover up an embarrassing family secret. However, upon completion of the assignment, when the time came for the culmination of the cover up and the killing of PIT, Hebert betrayed the Guilds and Bergeron and, after a struggle, killed Beau, execution style, on the spot. But, death did not contain the restless spirit of Beau Bergeron, and before long he found himself mysteriously wondering the towns of Aeldreth, a burning desire for vengeance filling his soul, taking odd jobs, and joining in mercenary efforts and other pursuits making use of his skills. He was then hired in a tavern by Jean Lafitte III, a rare fellow Maurepasan, to be first mate on the mercenary airship he captained called La Danse Calinda, through which Beau intended travel this strange magical world in order to obtain a means with which to return home and exact his revenge…

Hobbies: Gambling games of many varieties, fishing, martial arts

Contacts & Networking: Captain Jean Lafitte III, his employer

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