Ch. 383. Cooling Things Down

“Huh?” Y’lanna responded as she looked at Beau. She had heard what he said and had understood it, yet it seemed rather disconnected from the question she had asked. The only thing that it could possibly mean was that Beau was unhappy, not with her question but with the entire situation. As soon as she realised that Beau was about to stand, she knew it meant he was going to act to remedy this, and considering she was sitting right next to him, she was clearly going to be the target.

There was no time to turn the tables and prevent herself from being taken hostage. She screamed in faux shock as she was drawn up and wrapped in Beau’s arm as he held a knife to her throat. However, as he did so she went dead quiet.

She looked towards the bowman of La Danse Calinda. They would be of no help as they were still were very much under Beau’s thumb, but perhaps this situation could be turned around to embarrass Beau in front of his subordinates. However, it all very much depended on one thing — Beau, or more specifically what he wanted out of this particular stand-off.

“Go and leave the letter with me, or she dies!”

And there it was. For whatever reason, Beau wanted the Letter of Marque that Thimble bore, but more than that, he wanted Thimble to leave. Yes, that was it. Beau was seemingly focussed on Thimble as the enemy. It was Thimble that he had fired at early and it was Thimble that he wanted to ‘neutralise’ now, using her as a bargaining chip. Of course, it was in her own interest that Thimble stay. She would be drastically outnumbered if Thimble left. Plus with this, it was clear to just what lengths Beau would go for his own ends. She was a liability and thus would eventually if not immediately face Beau’s firing squad.

Unfortunately, the space between them and Thimble was blocked with the bowmen. Using magic tricks to negate projectiles fired from a distance was one thing, but did Thimble have magic that would allow him to slip between the bowman and take on Beau without risking her throat getting cut? She could not rely on that, nor did she want to.

Beau was in many ways like those who had legally forced her into permanent servitude, willing to trample anyone and everyone to get their own way, even to force a young girl like herself into such a compromising position. No, she had to act for herself. She had to show Beau up and make him the laughing stock he deserved to be.

Now that she knew Beau was more focussed on Thimble than her, she had a chance. She dare not strike directly at him, but like when she dealt with her “employers,” she had some indirect ways that could easily be interpreted as a weakness rather a deliberate move.

She started to shake slightly, hoping for some kind of banter between Beau and Thimble to allow her to set what was going to happen next up properly, if not well. It should still work but would be more obvious as a deliberate act once this was all over. If there was some talk, she’d  ramp up the shakes as slowly as possible as if becoming more ‘traumatized’  by the situation.

If there was no banter then she would go right to the end game, which in the end was simple. For a brief moment she freaked, drastically shifting her weight onto one side and then to the other, rocking the boat and setting up at least a bit of a believable moment of panic. Then she went limp. Sitting into and putting her weight onto the man’s arm in time to compound her shifting weight. This manoeuvre was one that was designed to push Beau into an off-balance position before pulling him with her over the side of the boat into the water.

The downside of having a knife to a person’s throat is that the arm is used to hold the hostage close to the hostage-taker and the knife close to the hostage’s throat. It does not support the hostage, and ironically it’s this holding close that makes this manoeuvre effective as the hostage-taker essentially pulls themselves along for the ride.

Y’lanna could feel herself falling over the side of the boat and she could feel Beau dragging behind. He was trying to get his balance back. At the same time, he was trying to keep hold of Y’lanna, but with the surprise nature of this move, Beau was fighting a losing battle against gravity.

Y’lanna hit the water first and Beau just moments the later. Even though she had gone ‘limp’ from fright this was the beauty of it. The shock of hitting the water was enough to revive her, or at least that was how it would seem, as she started to struggle to get back to and back on the boat.

“Someone help me up,” she begged as she had reached and grabbed the side of the boat.

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