Ch. 396 – Potion of Exploration

Beyond his natural sea-elf talents with the wind and the waves, Ionas never had any real experience or aptitude in magic. His life had been devoted to much more mundane and dull areas. The dull and repetitive competition between rival shipyards, the tedious social events, the boring life contained within the walls of the Ymuin estate.

However, now he found himself right in the middle of The Magi’s Stronghold on Mt. Isolla. That’s what he loved about La Danse Calinda. It was strange, it was unlike anything else and he’d never had the exact same scenarios repeated. He continually encountered new experiences, new threats, new wonders and despite the dangers he thoroughly enjoyed it. At least when he was in the thick of it like he was now.

Honestly, he couldn’t believe it. He was here, standing right beside Lord Peino Starhand inside the Mt. Isolla Stronghold of the Guild of Magi. This was it. This was his chance to show everyone, especially Starhand, what he had and what he could contribute. He would not be someone who just sat and waited passively. He’d act decisively and create his own way in life.

“Let me go first,” Ionas suggested to Peino, “My eyesight is sharp, sharper than anyone else I’ve ever met. Let me go first and I’ll be able to see danger before it sees us. I am not called Farseer for nothing.”

He’d do whatever Peino would instruct, but first he also had to wonder. “Potion Laboratory…” Ionas muttered. “Do you think this Master Bloodlance would be trying to create potions based off the Blood Arcana? Perhaps transforming the drinker into one of these monstrosities to improve their fighting capability?”

Even if the Potion Laboratory was not currently occupied then surely there was something in there that could help, and it would be all the better if they could even the magical odds.

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