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Interlude: The Absent Lords

“It won’t do, husband,” said Mrs. Bodling, housekeeper to the Prince. “It simply will not do. His Highness must come home.” Firelight warmed the couple’s bedchamber in the high top floor of the celebrated palace known as the Merchantman House … Continue reading

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Interlude: The Ymuin Bauble

It was the quiet before the storm, at least with respect to the upcoming battle. The rain and the roaring wind of this god-cursed storm that had been following them had never let up or quietened. As La Danse Calinda … Continue reading

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Ch. 256. Whirlwind

It had been a whirlwind of activity from the moment they pulled up into the harbour, but unlike the whirlwind that had brought her into the world of Aeldreth, Y’lanna was able to keep herself orientated to the situation at … Continue reading

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Ch. 255. To the Races

A number of things were destined to happen over the following days.  Over the rising forest lands of central Raurugia, coming into sight of the northern mountains, La Danse Calinda would pass over many an interesting place and person.  Whether … Continue reading

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Ch. 249. Water, Fire, Earth and Air

Up in the rigging, Ionas had his hands full.  He had spotted the ballista and called down the warning, but it had been too late.  The bolts had struck, and now he had try to prevent the fire in the … Continue reading

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