Ch. 392 – Sighting Battle

Ionas looked out from out his perch inside the lookout’s nest. The storm was about all that he could see. Even his sight could not drastically pierce the cloud that enveloped them. At least, that was how it was until the first tower of the Wizards Guild emerged into view.

“Tower, Ho!” he cried at the top of his lungs, attempting to alert the crew below. Now it could be targeted. Unfortunately so could they, but when copies of La Danse Calinda appeared to fill the sky that risk was now drastically mitigated.

As a lookout, the only job that remained was identifying and alerting the crew below of any drastic change to the circumstances, such as the approach of a dragon, ally or foe into the fray. Fortunately, the Calinda was not your ordinary ship and that gave him much more freedom in his role than any other ship he had been on.

He’d be joining one of the landing parties to infiltrate the guild. His keen eyesight was going to be useful in helping to identify potential illusions, traps and other such hazards. To this end, he’d join Lord Peino Starhand and one of Lord Jeneyeru Nightwise’s valets, Lotye O’Tulvar. He hadn’t quite pinned down exactly what it was about her, but being a valet seemed to be something new to her. She didn’t have the manner of a long-term valet, and the fact that she was going with Peino and himself rather than her master was something that struck Ionas as odd.

Lotye had a way skulking about as if she didn’t want to be seen. In fact, she seemed very good at making herself practically invisible, at least to others anyway. This was something that Ionas would have to eventually figure out, but for now she was an ally, one trusted by Jeneyeru so at least that meant he’d give her the benefit of the doubt, whatever she turned out to really be.

Ionas, unlike Lotye it seemed, was used to navigating ropes and so wasn’t really affected by the rope burn. Callouses that he’d developed had greatly assisted in his resistance to that. He was fully stocked with magical and mundane daggers, weapons of accuracy and speed rather than strength. Peino was in the lead, Loyte was able to keep in contact with the other group, and he himself had some long-range fighting capabilities rounding out the group.

It seemed a well-balanced team. The unknown factor was what they’d encounter as they infiltrated the guild keep. The wizards of the guild surely had all sorts of strange and weird defenses already set up not to mention whatever the new occupiers of the guild had installed as well. This was going to be quite interesting.

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