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Interlude – Beau’s Story

The journey through the woods was a treacherous one. Beau was injured, not fatally but enough to sap his strength, but he’d press on. It was cold to his sensibilities. He was used to treks through dense foliage, but in … Continue reading

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Arcana of Blood returns in 2014! – A note from the authors

Good news, Dear and Patient Readers! Collaborative fiction with a team scattered across the planet is a challenge, what with jobs, university, holidays and whatnot, but The Grand Navigators: Arcana of Blood is finally returning after a long hiatus. To … Continue reading

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Ch. 340. The Battle Thickens

Like Lotye, Tayliana Winddancer Dahtaligaar had no idea what was occurring on deck, so wrapped up was she in caring for the Lord Magus’s wounds. The injuries were quite severe. A belly wound was often fatal to lesser men, but … Continue reading

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Ch. 334. Parlay

La Danse Calinda flew through the air among the clouds of Manawydden’s cursed storm. Captain Jean Lafitte III was at her helm. He’d had enough of everything at this point, and the Brownies’ defiant worthlessness was the final straw. Lafitte … Continue reading

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Ch. 333. Octopodes!

“Who camps there? Bah! As if you didn’t know, you poxy shrewson!” was the answer to Ionas’ question, punctuated by jeers and rude gestures. Brownie bellicosity was a by-word in most of the realms and these two, though their armor … Continue reading

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