Ch. 390. The Illusory Attack

Captain Jean Lafitte III had been a sailor all his life until the Guilds forced him to take up new work in the skies and he landed in this strange world. He’d seen regimes rise and fall, and armies march, and armadas sink, yet he’d never seen anything like the Armada summoned by the wizard Jeneyeru. Lafitte smirked as he watched him do it. Even in the chaotic atmosphere of a stormy air raid the man managed to maintain a handsome disposition.

Tayliana, his master weather wizard whose powers kept La Danse Calinda moving in even the most stagnant air, whipped up Manawydden’s storm to ever greater heights of power, the better to conceal their movements in Jeney’s shadowy fleet.

At Peino’s instruction, Lafitte held aloft his hand, prompting his Chief Engineer and now acting First Mate, Larman Ogges, to shout “READY!” His archery teams readied their crossbows, ballista and bows.

Lafitte called out himself, “On my mark prepare a volley!” and his instructions were carried down the lines from Ogges on.

“At the north tower overlooking the nearest courtyard…AIM!” and at the last possible second Lafitte’s hand lowered, prompting Ogges to shout “Let fly!”

Within seconds an explosion rocked the north tower as a great line of magicked arrows descended upon her surface.

“Fire at will!” Lafitte said as he walked down to the main deck, leaving Ogges to steer the mighty airship, maneuvering between her shadowy cohorts in the sky.

The bombardment would hopefully disable the north tower for long enough to get the Calinda in position to drop the first assault team into the main courtyard and then back out again before any stray arrows punctured her great balloon which kept them aloft.

Lafitte gave no further orders as the din and chaos of the first drop would’ve made such an endeavor impractical if not impossible to accomplish. His Chief Engineer had been briefed on the plan and was now carrying out commands from the relative quiet of the navigational deck atop the Captain’s Quarters.

Instead, Lafitte put on the vest offered to him over his traditional jacket, lowered his hat and grabbed a grappling hook and rope. The second team had now made their way onto the rooftop. They wouldn’t have long before the defenders of the tower either regained their composure or summoned reinforcements. Checking his machete and two crossbow pistols at his side, he approached the rail just as his ship was circling around to the back of the mighty keep. Giving the rope a bit of a twirl, he swung his hook over the side, attempting to latch onto an object on the other end, though swinging down wouldn’t be too hard, he hoped if he had to.

“Alright Messers, this is it!” and with that he swung himself out and down into the courtyard below. Into the unknown which was awaiting him…


About Maurepas

I'm Charlie, aka, Maurepas, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them. I'm currently attempting to attend college, in pursuit of a Teaching Degree in History.
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