Ch. 382. Plans…

Beau’s men were ready, he could feel their gaze on him, looking for direction. Even in this world, it’s not everyday your arrows are turned to sticks and leaves. It was a testament to their discipline that they hadn’t split and run. Beau smiled among his brood. His men were also disciplined enough to seek his subtle approval before taking the servant’s orders. Trained marksmen turned assassins, they knew how to accept an inaudible cue.

The boat listed lazily across the water. The breeze of the mysterious storm followed them, if not the rains. Almost as if to mock him, his adversary started singing.

Somehow he had to get rid of this Thimble, but try as he might he couldn’t figure out a method. Projectiles were seemingly worthless, not with the creature‘s use of magic. As Thimble neared the end of his song, Beau really only had one conclusion to go on: He had to do it before they got off the water. Here at least, he was limited in mobility. At least to Beau‘s knowledge.

C’est putain de merde”, Beau replied simply to Y’lanna’s question. The girl was a distraction he could ill afford. The girl! Beau thought, that’s it. With no warning, no indication on his features or his person, Beau rose and, with one fluid motion, produced a knife from his coat, grabbed the purple-skinned woman, and held the blade to her throat.

“Go and leave the letter with me, or she dies!” he shouted at Thimble.

Captain Jean Lafitte III listened to each of the plans carefully, silently puffing away on his cigarette. The idea of putting his ship in harm’s way didn’t sit well with him, but having seen the destructive capabilities of these cards first-hand, he had no desire for them to remain in his skies or his waters.

When the brothers abruptly asked his opinion, the scars from their previous dragon encounter were still fresh in his mind. He was about to voice his concerns about the potential ship damage when Ionas interrupted with contributions of his own.

Lafitte, however, merely smiled. Ionas’s slow coming-of-age, so to speak, as an officer in the Captain’s employ was a welcome development. “I agree, esteemed lookout,” he said with an attempt at joviality. “However I would state one thing: This boat isn’t exactly projectile proof, d’amis. On the water, we keep La Calinda just out of range of the ship we’re intending to overtake. We then rope our crew down on them from above. I might suggest that we do the same in this situation.”

Lafitte pointed at the circular area in front of the entrance. “We’ll send our men down here in order to avoid firing lines down at us from the towers.” Putting out his cigarette on the table, spilling ash slightly onto the map as he did so, he nodded towards Ionas and Larman Ogges.

“Make it so,” he said.


About Carolus

I'm Carolus, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them.
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