Ch. 378. More than she bargained for.

Ruili walked off for his own adventure, leaving not so much instructions but suggestions. At least that’s how Y’lanna purposefully decided to take them. She had wanted so much just to spill everything then and there, but no, she had to keep silent.

She was doing what she was doing for him, as much as she was doing it for herself. Or at least that’s how she had justified the deception, but whatever the truth of the matter, Thimble had already rushed off out of the temple towards the river.

Y’lanna had no time to continue thoughts that might have condemned or excused the action she was about to take. Beau was leading a group of crossbowmen. Beau she had expected, the Crossbowmen she hadn’t — though everyone was running, so for now it didn’t matter.

However, eventually people did stop. Thimble had found a boat and had called for people to board while Beau had apparently given an order to fire. Now this indeed was dangerous and deadly, and it proved one thing: that Beau was not just an assassin on Lafitte’s payroll. If anything, he was on his own payroll, which meant he had his own agenda.

She had to act and act quickly. She couldn’t take the stealth approach because she needed to interact with the people, and if she went stealth now, she’d have a hard time explaining how she appeared later on. Yet she was also worried about the potential for Beau turning on her as he had on Thimble.

It was time to take advantage of her non-military assets. She paused for a moment and pocketed her Amulet of Suitor Deflection, which she had gotten way back when she had first entered this new realm aboard Ruili’s flagship, the Wolf.

This now left a question of just how she was going to interrupt the scene… some physicality maybe but also in a kind of lighter way. Something that would distract but not be threatening. Ah there… she had the perfect solution.

She started running again. “Hey wait for me,” she yelled as she came into full view. Just a few more strides and she was close to the line of crossbowmen. She tripped, sprawling out and falling into all four of them. She knocked two down to the ground but only clipped the other two as they fell.

Her body pressed down on to them as she started to apologise profusely. “I’m so sorry. Are you alright? This is so embarrassing. Are you sure you are fine? I didn’t hurt anything, did I?”

She started to fuss yet didn’t even think of getting up off them until someone, it didn’t really matter who or how prompted her to get up and off her not so poor victims. “Oh of course. I’m so sorry. This must have been dreadfully uncomfortable for you, all of you.” She managed to make her way to her feet happily using any help that might have been offered but being a bit unsteady in her movements if no assistance was offered.

Giving both of the standing crossbowmen a quick peck on the cheek she turned her attention over to Beau. “I thought I might try and give you a hand. It’ll also give me the chance to see some of this beautiful scenery, and it’s a bit stuffy at the temple. Not so much a fan of caves. A bit too dank and damp.”

As she moved it might have seemed her female form was far more emphasised than any brief encounter that Beau may or may not have had with Y’lanna before. It was like she had become a far more beautiful, attractive and seductive woman than previously. It could have been the natural light available. It seemed to react to her skin in a far more interesting way, almost as if she herself was shining, but surely that couldn’t be true? Or could it?

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