Ch. 374. Admissions and Omissions

It seemed odd that Beau came out and admitted that he indeed was an assassin. However, as far as Y’lanna was concerned, it didn’t change much. Her realm had assassins as well and, exactly as beau suggested, they were tools, weapons in the hands of those who wished to kill.

As a result, the question was usually, “Who was the employer?” The answer was usually straight forward. Money exchanged hands, a target was determined, and that was it. However, things with Beau were far more complicated. One might have argued that Beau was on the payroll of Lafitte, so if Beau killed anyone, it was because Lafitte ordered him to do so. But it was clear that, as the first officer, Beau had involvement in the decision-making process, making the payroll claim less solid.

Beau had influence over the Captain. The question was did he use it for his own agenda, whatever that might be, or for the good of the Captain and the crew. Y’lanna had her own personal bias towards the former. With the selfishness that kept her imprisoned in her world, it was hard to think that such selfishness did not exist here.

Beau’s attempt at trying to take the letter to Teur would have given him an advantage. It would have separated him from the group, as an assassin works best alone, utilising distractions, stealth and vulnerabilities to achieve their nefarious goal. This was possibly a start of a set of actions by Beau, or it simply could be that Beau was the most trustworthy and least needed member of the crew.

A decision was made, however, and Thimble was sent as the Grand Magus’ representative along with Beau to Teur, exactly as Y’lanna had hoped. This should give her deception the greatest chance of success, though it was up to the next stage now. It was time to lie, or at least purposefully omit her true plans.

“I want to help you as much as I can,” she said to Ruili, “but we both know I am no fighter and am also unfamiliar with your weaponry. The best thing I can do to help is to stay out of your way and not be someone that you have to worry about. I will remain here at the temple, safe and out of danger as it’s the only reasonable way for me to help you, someone who has helped me so much ever since I felt the cold lashing of the Lyrian Sea.”

It may not have technically been lying to Ruili, as spoken, because indeed Y’lanna was planning on remaining at the temple while they went off in the La Danse Calinda, though she wasn’t planning on staying for long — an omission. She also wasn’t lying that she wanted to help him, which was why she was doing what she was doing in the first place, an admission. She wasn’t lying that Ruili had helped her ever since she had arrived in this Realm, and finally she wasn’t lying about it being best for Ruili that he didn’t have to worry about her or worry about her getting in his way.

It just wasn’t to be achieved in the way that he would expect.

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