Ch. 371. Lessons Learned

“I want to go with Beau, to keep an eye on him.” Ionas whispered as he turned to face Y’lanna. There had to be something Beau did that Ionas could point to and use as proof of the man he knew Beau to be. However, it wasn’t that simple. Ionas would be needed in the assault on the magicians guild headquarters, and even if not, he was still subordinate to Beau. This meant that Beau could still order him around to make him scarce when such opportunities presented themselves.

“But you are needed here.” Y’lanna seemed to finish what was left unsaid by the young Selkie, returning the quiet hushed voice that Ionas had used.

For a moment, she fixed her gaze on Ruili as he and his brothers debated who would go along with Beau. They seemed not even to consider Y’lanna as an option, and they would be right to. She was Ruili’s charge, she had none of the fighting skill that others had, and it had become obvious that Ruili and others thought that she couldn’t handle herself, that she needed protecting.

For too long she had been subjugated by other’s wishes. Up until now, she had been happy to follow meekly along as there hadn’t been a way for her to stand up and be counted for something, to be useful.

Now there was, but it was also clear that there was going to be no way that Ruili or either of the other Ereonis brothers would simply let her go for a walk with a man they considered an assassin. No, she could not openly broach this issue, even with the man to whom she owed so much. She needed to approach this in a round-about fashion.

“Maybe there is something I can do,” she said quietly. Ionas looked at her with a confused look as she stepped up and approached the three Lords of the Grand Navigators and offered a solution to their quandary.

“Why shouldn’t it be Thimble? After all, isn’t this a matter that is regarding the headquarters of the Guild of Magicians?  Jeneyeru, Lord Magus of the Grand Navigators, as a member of that guild, would have a legitimate and vested interest in gaining the involvement of the Teur Garrison in its liberation. Thimble could be your representative.”

The first step in this deception of Y’lanna’s was to take herself off the list of the Ereonis triplets’ concerns. That is easier to do if the people you are trying to deceive think you are legitimately on board with the plan on the table. What better way to do that than to help shape the plan? Even if she failed to convince the triplets that Thimble was a good choice, at worst it would be an indirect way to inform them that she, Y’lanna, did not want to go along with Beau and as a result could be expected to “behave.”

This plan was a lesson that had been learnt in her years of slavery on her own world, pretending to be the good slave girl, while all the time trying to figure a way out of her nightmare. It was the only way she had been able to maintain hope that she would get out of it and still survive in the situation she’d found herself in.

Ruili was by no means, in any way, shape or form, like those who had kept her imprisoned in perpetual servitude, and for once, she felt guilty for the deception she was undertaking, but there was no way around it. This was something that she had to do, not only so that she could contribute to the mission at hand and make her own determination about this Beau character. It was also something that she had to do for herself.

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