Ch. 368. Contemplations

“Whether it is a good plan or not I cannot say. I am still getting used to certain particulars of this world and, like you, I am no military strategist. The Ereonis brothers are skilled adventurers and warriors. I do trust their judgements.” Y’lanna spoke while Ionas took the time to consider and get his thoughts into order.

“I think, yes. This is a good plan, taking the assumptions they’ve made into account. I’d agree with you if the plan was not staged as it is. Assuming, of course, that the wizard has detected the magic associated with the divine displeasure of this storm and knows that an airship is coming with it, then the wizard would be expecting an attack from an airship and any major ground-based feint would not be effective, as any moves the enemy wizard would make would be with the consideration of a later airship assault.

“Instead it is the ground-based assault that would be unexpected and, therefore, would be in a better position to exploit any vulnerabilities left after the already expected attack has started. As a result, it would make the ground assault a greater threat and more distracting than it could have been otherwise.  It’s basically a double feint, at least that’s what I’m picking up.” Ionas paused looking between Y’lanna and Lotye, wondering if anything he had said made sense.

“My concern,” Ylanna started as Ionas seemed to explain the feint side of it well, at least to her, “is not the plan itself. It’s about the assumptions behind the plan. There is the risk that our opposing wizard does not know about La Danse Calinda and that would change their behaviour regarding the initial attack in a way that cannot be determined. The other alternative concern is that the wizard has found a way to learn about our plan, or at least became aware of us joining forces with the bandits and will be prepared for both fronts.

“However, all plans have to make assumptions, and if this is the assumption that the three Ereonis brothers determine as most likely, then I shall accept their word and any plan based on it.” While Ionas could see how the plan worked, Y’lanna saw deeper, beyond the physical nature to the underlying thoughts, motives and assumptions of those plans.

“Oh, Lotye, I should introduce you. This is Mistress Y’lanna Sparti. She is — why don’t I let her explain.”

Y’lanna smiled a bit at Ionas’ awkward introduction. “Yes, it is a pleasure to meet you Lotye. My name is Y’lanna Sparti, and I am not native to this planet, this realm. I arrived through the Vortex storms in the Lyrian Sea, and now I am here as a travelling companion for Lord Ruili Windwolf. A pleasure to meet you, Lotye.”

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