Ch. 362. Reactions

As hard as Ionas tried to keep his voice soft, it seemed that he had utterly failed to keep what he was saying to just the three Ereonis brothers. Maybe it was the hard smooth rock surface that carried the sound further than expected, or maybe Ionas himself was louder than he thought. It didn’t matter. Tayliana, the one person that he didn’t want to hear, had overheard and had retaliated in her way.

“Tayli….” Ionas started but for once he had no idea what to say. It was clear that Beau had his claws into her, what could he say that would change her mind? There wasn’t anything specific that he could point to that would show her. Beau was too good for that.

It was one of the times that he just wished people could just see what he saw. The patterns or things that seemed so obvious to him were not noticed or totally ignored by others. He had no idea just what he could say to make her see what Beau was, really. So instead he just kept his mouth shut and looked forlorn as she finished what she had said.

This was obviously going to get back to Beau and that might complicate keeping an eye on him, but what were Ionas’ alternative options?

Ionas just followed meekly behind Ruili, Tayli and the rest of the Ereonis brothers as they ascended up to the Temple proper. However, Y’lanna stayed behind. Apparently she had unfinished business with the priestess.

“His name is Haug Handslayer. I believe he was from this region but moved to Sesus and was in a gang there. I don’t know of any connection between him and those responsible for the bandits in your temple.”

Y’lanna answered the question that she heard posed: “Did this new leader have anything to do with the bandits squatting where they had no right to?” The answer was no, though she couldn’t say for certain what decisions Haug would make in the future. But it seemed unlikely that the bandits would continue to step on the toes of the Priestess. Simply put, there seemed to be no benefit for the bandits to continue to stir the nest of whatever the appropriate proverbial animal was for this unusual place that she had found herself in.

This ‘Tayli” apparently had a strong reaction to this Beau being bad-mouthed. There was certainly some feeling there, but she hadn’t even met the man yet so there was no way that she could form her opinion. Though it did intrigue her that it was the lookout of their ship that pointed out the danger of the situation. As per her understanding wasn’t it the lookout’s job to warn of any dangers or things that were of interest?

As such it should be seriously considered and not dismissed, but neither should it be considered as immutably true. It was an interesting development that she would have to consider further.

Having completed her duties, however, she followed after the others up to the Temple proper to see how things played out.

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