Ch. 358. Above and Below

Ionas was seated on a rocky outcrop not too far away from the Ereonis brothers and yet they seemed to take up his full attention. The triplets had taken command of their respective situations and were taking now a well earned rest before another onslaught. This time, however, the onslaught was going to be a diplomatic one.

He admired each of the three in some way. Ruili, the sword master and naval leader of the Grand Navigators. Jeneyeru the powerful and wise Grand Magus. And finally Peino, the master sailor, navigator and warrior.

It was ironic, ever since that first bout of foolishness when he took the idol of Manawydden from that spriggan ship, Reputation, and made himself look foolish to the one man he himself idolised, Ionas, the man with the great eyesight, had to yet to find an opportunity to prove himself worthy to the man he looked up to.

He needed a drink himself. It had been a big day. He half wanted to return to the ship just so he could stop thinking about all this, but then he’d miss out on the potential chance to redeem himself.

He sighed for a moment before getting up to get himself a drink of the water. Soon enough Lafitte, Beau and the others should arrive, and he would no longer have the opportunity. Oh, Beau. He had almost forgot about that Eorman. Should he take this opportunity to inform the Ereonis brothers of his concerns about La Danse Calinda’s first officer? Would they even believe him? He couldn’t say one way or the other, but he should still tell them, right? That would be the best thing to do, right?

Yes, of course. He had to tell them. It was the only right thing to do. First, he needed that drink.

Tayli would be difficult. She was down there with them and had offered something to the god of healing before. She was fond of Beau and, well, that could cause conflict between them if she heard.

“Alright, so here I go.” he muttered to himself as he went and kneeled down for the water lifting some of it up to his face. He made his way over to the Ereonis triplets.

“Milords. May I have a quick word before everyone arrives?” A positive answer soon came and so he knelt down in front, trying to whisper and yet be loud enough for those that he wanted to hear, to hear.

“I have concerns regarding Beau, the first officer of La Danse Calinda. I know he can be a bit eager when it comes to killing but I think there is more to it than that. From what I have been able to observe, he does things in a very controlled, methodical way. Not on its own bad, but he is also quite selfish and also very forward-looking in that selfishness.

He seeks to twist things to his own benefit. Unfortunately, there is no one action I can point to and say this is the kind of thing he does. I have just been able to notice patterns. I see things that others do not, and I am concerned about what I see with Beau. I would normally have, of course, raised this with Lafitte but Beau is the First Officer. He has ingratiated himself with the Captain. They both speak in a strange language I’ve never heard before so they probably come from the same place and so there is some kind of loyalty or kinship bond between them. At best he would shrug me off, and at worst I’ll be demoted or even kicked off La Danse Calinda and then there would be no one keep an eye on him.

I’m telling you because I think you should know my concerns so you will have the opportunity to keep an eye on him as well.”

That was it, that was all he had to say. He took a glance around to see if Tayli or Lotye had heard what he said, but the main issue for Ionas was how the triplets were going to react.

As for Y’lanna

Y’lanna had been taking a look around after the battle but the extraordinarily sudden downpour of rain had made things quite unpleasant on the battlefield. The dead corpses didn’t help either. And so when Ruili and Peino rushed off down into the Temple proper, Y’lanna had a sudden urge to join them.

She kept back behind the Calinda’s lookout and stayed in the entrance to the cavern where the temple and healing spring were located. Jeneyeru had been injured but the healing waters of the temple shrine seemed to be doing their job well. Two strangers were there helping him and had just started to bring him out of the water.

Discussions were made as Ruili, Peino and Jeneyeru planned what was going to happen next. Talk of Mt. Isolla, a vision of the Masters, the Garrison of the North. Some of it was familiar enough that she could gather what was meant. The Garrison of the North, for example, but Mt. Isolla and The Masters?

However, this lookout had suddenly grasped a hold of the Ereonis brothers’ attention in hushed whispers. Should could tell there was something disturbing the man but could not quite place exactly what. Either way, it was best to find someone else who could answer her question. Priestess Moonrain seemed the best alternative.

Y’lanna gradually approached the Fae creature. “Priestess Moonrain. May I trouble you with some questions? I am from far away and not familiar with a lot of things. What can you tell me about Mount Isolla and its Masters that have just been discussed. I am dreadfully uninformed on this matter.”

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