Ch. 354 Attention, Report!

Ionas was disturbed from his thoughts as Lotye asked for an update.

“No word yet from the surface.” Ionas’ mind was whirring as he spoke, trying to come up with an active solution to the lack of knowledge. He could send one of the crewmen up for a report, but Ionas wanted to see things first-hand so that meant going up himself, but then what about the crew? They might be needed to help counter any assailants that they might come across. But, he didn’t want to leave Lotye, Thimble and Jeneyeru behind unescorted, either. However, neither he nor they had any purpose here. If for any reason the fae turned on them (highly unlikely but still a possibility) then they would be in no better situation staying than leaving now.

“We’ll head up…” Ionas started looking towards the crewmen and giving them a signal to follow him “… and see what the situation is currently. I won’t be long.” And with that, Ionas headed out. The crewmen followed up behind, glad for the brief time of refuge but ready for more action if necessary.

After a few minutes, they emerged into the surface world. It was clear immediately that the battle for now had been won, but what was going to happen next wasn’t so clear. The other two of the Ereonis brothers, Lafitte, Beau and two other beings stood near the large campfire, barely twenty yards away. One of the two was part goblin, part eorman, judging from his facial features, and the other was a strange purple lady of a kind that he had never seen or even heard of before. Her hair was certainly was unlike anything else he had seen, and her features in general and the way she composed herself was alien among the experienced adventurers that surrounded her.

For a brief moment, he lost the thought of what he was here to do. He was soaking up very bit of the sight of this weird woman before him. Being exposed to someone or something that looked entirely different was a rare gift to someone who had seen as many things as Ionas had in his travels.

“Mr. Farseer?” one of the crewmen asked, waiting to see what was going.

“Oh, uh. Yes. Return to your usual duties,” Ionas said, and with that, they left. But there were still many questions to ask.

He found Peino. “Lord Starhand. It seems the Lord Magus is recovering well. He’s regained consciousness. How are things up here?” Even though he was talking to Peino, a man that he respected tremendously, for some reason he could only temporarily at best shift his eyes away from Y’lanna. There was something unusually enticing about her, so much so that he couldn’t even devote the decent and proper amount of attention to his idol.

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