Ch. 353. Moving On

Lotye kneeled down next to the pool, tensely staring into the dark waters. Nothing more than an apprentice in the arts of healing, she didn’t exactly knew how these things were supposed to work. But she knew that they did. What should have been enough to calm her down still didn’t really stop her from worrying. What if it doesn’t work? He’s going to drown … The thought grew stronger with every other second. She knew it was stupid, Lotye berated herself for it. People came to this place for healing and it always worked.

When Jeneyeru finally broke through the surface of the dark mirror again, Lotye audibly gasped for air as if she had been the one under water. Carefully, as if not to disturb the process, she moved closer while Lady Moonrain was doing the stitches. To her eyes, it seemed that the wound had healed nicely. Of course it did. Thimble tried to cover his master, but Lotye didn’t care much for modesty in a situation like this, scanning Jeneyeru’s body for any injuries. The waters of the spring had done wonders, everything seemed to be alright now. Jeneyeru’s questions reminded her that that wasn’t the case.

“My Lord, it has been hours since we met the dragon. Maybe you should rest a little longer, we won’t just be able to fly away in this battle …”

Not every problem could be disposed of with a little bit of healing water. And Lotye had to admit that she didn’t know the answer to either of his other questions. Instinctively she turned to Ionas, the lookout, the man who was supposed to have an overview of the whole situation.

“How is the battle going? Has it ended yet?” She realised the elf could not know any more than herself, no matter his eyesight. So she instead turned to the Brownies of Lady Moonrain’s army. “Has there been any message from the surface? Is it safe to head out?”

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