Ch. 350. Crewing Calinda?

In the Temple with Priestess, Loyte and Jeneyeru

Jonas supposed he couldn’t blame Lotye for her interruption. Jeneyeru did need medical attention after all, and it wasn’t all that lengthy an introduction. In fact, for a formal introduction it was pretty short.

For now, as he looked on, he felt rather useless. He had nothing more to contribute medical-wise — his skills were of a very basic nature — and he had nothing else to do. Priestess Moonshine and Lotye as well as the healing spring had their work to do.

He pondered for a moment returning to surface with the the crewmen who had accompanied him down here. They were rough and not that well mannered but at least they were behaving themselves. Chatting amongst themselves sitting on some kind of rock. Glad for the downtime and sanctuary that the temple represented.

Ionas was in a rare position. He had been born into a noble family but had fled that life and now was on a ship full of the crazy or desperate. That was something he never really understood, to be as desperate as that. He probably could become a lookout for any ship, with his knowledge of ships, his comfort in being up in the rigging and dexterity as well as his good eyesight, but as strange as it sounded, this was where he wanted to be. A ship full of the strange, the outcast and the rebellious.

In a sense, he was all three and so even though he could not really understand them in some aspects he still felt a connection to them. A shared spirit of being lost at sea and tossed in the waves together. There was only one person on the whole ship that he wouldn’t trust with his life and that was Beau. There was just something odd about that man.

Meanwhile up on the surface

Surveying the results, Y’lanna glanced at Ruili and then at Lafitte and then Peino. This was the first time she had a chance to really see two of the Ereonis brothers together, and she had to admit the similarity was striking in looks but in other ways they were very different. Even if it weren’t for the different clothes she could probably tell them apart just by their mannerisms alone.

The question was raised about what to do with the remaining  bandits. One of the men she had yet to be introduced to suggested that they join his crew.  “Are you sure that’s wise? They could easily turn on you and I believe the term is mutiny. If they were all separate individuals then sure, but they already have spent time together and thus won’t as easily integrate to your crew if the group is still somewhat intact. Unless of course you plan on turning on them before they can turn on you?”

Her voice was light and pleasant, betraying the seriousness of the conversation, but if anyone looked in her eyes they could see just how serious she was.

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