Ch. 346. The Shrine in the Hill

Beau Bergeron saw the fight between play out before him, and it wasn’t long before the fight ended abruptly between the two goblins, the bigger of whom shouted his victory to the hills. Peino then went in with his rapier and Beau knew now was his chance.

Rain falling all around the assassin, drenching his skin and his clothes, Beau tensed as he aimed for the victor’s back, intending to cut the thing’s celebration quite short.

Throwing his dagger end over end, Beau did what he did best: end the lives of other beings.

— — —

Captain Jean Lafitte III was thoroughly confused. There he was, holding a pistol aimed at the head of what he assumed to be an attacker of the newly arrived Ruili, when all of a sudden the large bandit before him began challenging the Selkie to a duel.

Having no such compulsion for niceties of the kind, Lafitte would’ve promptly shot the man then and there had the two not abruptly made peace directly afterwards.

Taking advantage of the momentary calm in the eye of this particular storm, Lafitte holstered his pistol and turned to speak to the Ereonis brother.

“By the way, d’ami, besides Pei-er-Starhand, your other brother is aboard my ship over there and isn’t in the best shape,” Lafitte said as he pointed towards the airship nearby.  “We’re undertaking a quest in his employ, you may wish to reconvene with us and the Prince when we find him on that point.”

— — —

Tayliana Winddancer Dahtaligaar was impressed with the way the crew and Jeneyeru’s hangers-on were able to keep him in one piece as they moved along the grounds towards the Temple. Even more so, she found herself marveling at the abilities of the Lord Magus of the Grand Navigators. He wasn’t just a wizard, he was a true master. Even on the brink of death, he was able to conjure magic she would have trouble conjuring on her best days.

The darkness pouring forth from the cup was a near perfect concealment of their group against the backdrop of Manawydden’s storm. She could only imagine the kind of powers he had when completely conscious.

She followed the party through the passageways to the healing springs, and then bowed politely at Ionas‘ introduction, though not without a cocked eyebrow at the formality of it.

It was dark inside the shrine, very dark, and once again Tayliana felt as though her usefulness was at a minimum. She was only a mediocre healer, little more than a nurse aboard La Danse Calinda, and certainly not up to the needs of Jeneyeru now, so she did the only thing she could think of to do in a situation like this.

She went over towards the darkly lit shrine and dug in her pockets for a few coins to offer the God of Medicine with words of pleading to heal the Lord Magus’ wounds.

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