Ch. 343. The Complicated Servant

Lotye was just about to let loose a tirade of questions and unflattering comments on Ionas, that idiot whose knife stuck in Jeneyeru’s side, like “And how do you think will we get him anywhere on foot?” or “What do you know about these kind of things anyway, sharp-eye?”. But thankfully, Tayliana took over in a more cool-headed, straightforward manner.

Still built up in front of Ionas, hands on her hips and ready to go on a verbal rampage, Lotye realised how unjustified her behaviour would have been. After all, Ionas had been more than helpful with his knowledge of first aid and even now, his plans weren’t entirely unreasonable. She had nearly lost her head. The situation was getting to her. Tayliana had probably spared her a lot of trouble and shouting. Still, it certainly would have felt better. Taking her hands away from her hips and instead crossing her arms in front of her chest, she changed into a somewhat less combative posture. Awkwardly, Lotye brushed a flick of her hair out of her face before she finally spoke to Ionas:

“We’ll need a stretcher,or at least something we can use as a stretcher. There’s little chance that the Lord Magus will be able to walk and no chance at all that I will let him. We also have to take some supplies with us, fresh bandages, clean water and so on. And you,” she turned to the Brownie, having gathered herself again, “if you have something to say, do it now. Shortcuts you know of, easier ways into the temple, everything that could help us. If not, get down there and tell our friends that we’re coming.”

While she was speaking, Lotye began to collect her own supplies strewn all over the table after treating Jeneyeru. Everything she was able to find again went into her bag. A few of the things that went in there probably weren’t hers, but she had absolutely no qualms about that. She wasn’t stealing, she was just making sure her boss survived.

When Tayliana returned with her men, Lotye once again made sure Lord Nightwise was stable enough. Of course, she wasn’t entirely satisfied, but it would have to suffice. For a moment, the noise of the battle below grew louder and she realised what it would have to suffice for.

“Good,” she said with a nod to the men, “We’ll have to move him very carefully, but quickly. And someone better get me something to defend myself with down there.”

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