Ch. 341 It’s not raining, it’s pouring.

On board the Calinda

Below the Calinda, chaos rained, and even with his sight it was hard for Ionas to contribute anything to the overall battle merely because of the difficulty of communicating the finer details to the people who needed it.

Though there was still something on Ionas’ mind and that was the Grand Magus, Jeneyeru Ereonis.  Perhaps there was something still that Ionas could contribute to the ship.

Ionas entered the room where Lotye was still working on the great Wizard. The Brownie was quite noticeable. He was just standing there on top of the chair as bold as brass. What was going on? However, he soon found out as, just as he  opened the door, he heard the last of the conversation between Lotye and the Brownie.

“We’ll have to take him on foot,” Ionas stated. He decided to take on some of the other questions. “We’re fighting alongside with Faerie, Peino, his other triplet Ruili and another strange lady. Apparently, it seems some bandits have taken up residence in the temple, and we’re assisting. If we’re going to get your master the help he needs, we’ll need to take him and some other crewmen down to the ground in one of the buckets and then take him to the temple. Though it looks like we’ll have to wait till Ruili, Peino and the others deal with the bandits that still remain in the temple. Unless our Brownie friend has some other suggestions?”

Ionas looked to the Brownie to see if he had some better ideas about how to get Jeneyeru actually into the Temple. Otherwise they might have to simply wait the battle out.

Meanwhile on the Ground

Y’lanna was having troubles with her buckler and weapon. She was hardly being  effective with either. Though for now there was a respite as Ruili was engaging in parley with Haug.

“So what now? You’re going to engage in a duel in the middle of a battle? Men.” Y’lanna just shook her heard at the two of them. However, then Lafitte responded with his own question.

“If you define friend loosely enough then I suppose you could say so. Ruili and Haug here have a dueling date at an indeterminate time.”

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