Ch. 340. The Battle Thickens

Like Lotye, Tayliana Winddancer Dahtaligaar had no idea what was occurring on deck, so wrapped up was she in caring for the Lord Magus’s wounds.

The injuries were quite severe. A belly wound was often fatal to lesser men, but to the wizard’s credit, Jeneyeru seemed to be pulling through it better than most. The idea of a battle, however, frightened her more now than it would have previously.

Barely even listening to the Brownie’s news about Peino, she looked out the window to scan the grounds beneath them. She knew he was likely fighting out in it right now, it being his trade and all.

“Oh Beau…be careful”, she said under her breath.

Beau Bergeron nodded with a smile at Peino’s instructions as he began the work of hacking through any bandits that came his way. The adrenaline that accompanied entry into battle was coursing through the veins of the Assassin, trained was he in the arts of utilizing that feeling.

But as his dagger slit the gut of a passing man, he realized something was off, almost to his chagrin.

The bandits were running in the wrong direction, as if they’d already given up and were heading further into the clearing. Beau decided to run up towards Peino when he saw the two axing warriors. One of whom seemed to have a coalescence of members of the bandits about him, marking him as a leader. The other had to be a usurper in that case.

Beau’s immediate thought was to kill two birds with one stone and rid their adversaries of leadership, more easily allowing the crew of La Danse Calinda to continue with their quest for the Blood Arcana.

To that end, Beau motioned with his dagger and held up two fingers towards the fighters, as if to say, How ‘bout it friend? Take them out while they’re distracted?

Captain Jean Lafitte III was angry at the Selkie for his dismissive attitude, but he found himself momentarily confounded as bandits attempted to fight their way past or around his large frame, the storm crashing all around him as he clashed with their blades.

All the while he attempted to keep next to the other Ereonis brother, staying as close as possible should he lead him to Peino or something else important on his mission. Mostly however, just because he had not much idea of what else to do. Lafitte wasn’t used to not being in command of a battle he was involved in.

Towards that goal, Lafitte trudged through the rapidly muddying grounds, wind whipping his jacket around him and nipping at his hat as a massively towering figure approached the Selkie in front of him. It didn’t take much to notice the large blunt piece of wood in the man’s hand and realize it wasn’t friendly. Towards the edge of his peripheral vision he saw a dark skinned woman take notice of the large man too. An oddity in and of itself.

Lafitte pulled a crossbow from the inside of his jacket and aimed at the large figure, finger resting upon the trigger. But as Ruili bowed, Lafitte’s normally hair-trigger finger was momentarily stymied.

“Friend of yours?” he asked the Ereonis triplet.


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I'm Charlie, aka, Maurepas, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them. I'm currently attempting to attend college, in pursuit of a Teaching Degree in History.
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