Ch. 339 Chaos and War

On Board La Danse Calinda

The ship had suddenly sprung into action as the Calinda approached the opening. Ionas had been ordered up into the crow’s nest but he decided to go with the spirit of the order rather than the actual literal order, the spirit basically being do your job and see what you can see.

In this case, the better vantage point was the deck itself. The smoke from the fire would obscure his vision more the higher he was, and this, combined with the fact that the crow’s nest was more designed for long-range viewing than viewing things directly below them, meant it was better just to peer over the side of the railing.

As they started the enemy was clear… Peino and Ruili Ereonis were along with the Fae which seemed to include an odd purple-coloured being who was unlike anything Ionas had ever seen before. It was at this time that he decided to release the Brownies.

“We are not your enemies. Look, see for yourself.” The crew around him had followed the instructions of their captain. He put the Brownies down as, to be honest, he couldn’t worry about both them and the fight before them.

Ionas shouted sightings of what were clearly bandits (by their dress). The Calinda was extremely chaotic, but everyone knew what they were doing so despite the chaos it seemed to work well. As for the ground below that was no better or worse. It seemed the two groups of bandits, or at least their leaders, had turned on each other, and the storm, which had strangely intensified in the last few minutes, had lead to utter chaos below.

However, as strange as it seemed, there did seem to be an underlying order as their enemies regrouped, fled or otherwise made their way to staring down right down the shaft of a ballista bolt.


The Ground Fight

Things had suddenly became down-right weird. The buckler and almost a dagger-like sword had been presented to Y’lanna. The buckler was a complete mystery but a sharp edge was a  sharp edge, and it was clear how it should be operated. After taking a few seconds to look at and consider the buckler, she had come to the conclusion that it acted as some kind physical shield, much like armour, that she could use to use to block incoming attacks.

With that sorted out, she was able to put it on and at least test out using it. She wouldn’t be all that effective but at least she should be able to put up some sort of defense if needed. However, things only got weirder as an ominous storm settled down over them. She could almost feel the fear settle down with the clouds as Baugl and his crew became more erratic. Chaos was breaking out… bandits were fighting amongst themselves, others where trying to weather the storm of fear and re-group.

The fact that the fight had just started and already their opponents needed to regroup was something that Y’lanna knew was a good sign. Despite the fact that she didn’t know about the the technical aspects of fighting, she knew that morale was an important aspect for people continuing to fight. She had been hit morale-wise a number of times back in her old life, and she had nearly given up and just accepted the circumstances, so she knew the power that it contained. As a result, she managed to harden her resolve to the point she was not going to give up even if the military were going to fight her. She was going to achieve her goal or die trying and that only went to strengthen her own morale in the circumstances.

She decided to focus on stealth attacks, the ability to attack an enemy when they were distracted with something else. She had stuck near Ruili deciding that it would be better to stick close by him so that the two of them didn’t get separated again. This in fact did provide Y’lanna an opportunity.

Ruili was barrelling through opponents and she decided to take advantage of that. She’d use the buckler to smash into one of the bandits and followed up quickly by a quick and decisive strike. She had to hurry to keep up so couldn’t really slay more than one bandit before she had to catch up to Ruili.

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