Ch. 336 The Maurepasans Enter the Fray!

It just so happened that Beau Bergeron was the first to come to the aid of Peino’s messenger.

“My regards with regard to the Prince,” Beau said, the rain falling around him as he offered a slight bow. Truth be told he was quite ecstatic. The Prince’s return heralded the return of his quest. And the return of his revenge.

“His brother is in the Captain’s quarters on the Castle deck, you can’t miss it,” Beau continued, and without waiting for reply simply turned to his bowmen. “Alright boys, you heard the man, Line up barrages to the area straight ahead, awaiting the good Prince’s signal.”

His men nodded and Beau put on a pair of gloves and slid down one of the lines now grappled down to the forest below. Thunder struck as he landed, daggers outstretched and ready for combat.

Running towards the fires lighting the battle he attempted to find the Prince. “Peino!” he called out, “Where to, and who’s on our team?” he said with a grin.

Lafitte had no idea what the elf in front of him was talking about, so shocked that he didn’t even notice the octopus that hit him. “What the hell do you mean ‘wrong Ereonis’?” Lafitte yelled out, but the elf was already running off. “Fils de pute”, Lafitte cursed.

Lafitte hazily remembered the royals mentioning a third brother, but for the life of him he had no idea what to make of it, or the odds of meeting him in the middle of the woods like this.

He was nearly so dumbstruck as to be sliced open by the nearby bandit he’d originally propositioned, but he parried with his machete almost entirely on instinct. Shoving the man’s cutlass off, Lafitte then proceeded to hack at the man’s midsection and the bandit went down with a scream of pain.

Lafitte, however, had no time to comfort him and simply pressed on, following after the other Ereonis. “But what the hell is going on here?!” he called out with a sprint, joining in as close to the fray next to the brother as he could get.

“Do you know where Peino is?”


About Maurepas

I'm Charlie, aka, Maurepas, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them. I'm currently attempting to attend college, in pursuit of a Teaching Degree in History.
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