Ch. 332. Taunts

The dagger taunted Ionas as blood slowly seeped from the wound. Ionas’ efforts to stem the bleeding were keeping the wizard alive for now, but it was only a stop-gap measure. There really wasn’t anything else the young Selkie could do. They needed help, they needed materials, they needed…. La Danse Calinda.

Along with the rain from the cursed idol of Manawydden there came the bucket from their airship. A bucket to take the injured wizard back up to the Calinda where there would be a wider range of items to aid in his recovery. There was barely enough room in the bucket, the apparatus to get them back up to the Calinda, but Ionas made do and he stayed, keeping pressure on the wound while Loyte did whatever she was able to do.

With help from the rest of his crewmates, Jeneyeru was placed on a flat solid surface, and they managed to get some strips of cloth to wrap around the wound to apply the constant pressure that Ionas was trying to do manually. They carefully avoided the knife so as not to compound the damage, utilising the pressure of the bandages as placed to compress the wound and keep the dagger stable inside the wound.

The applications of the bindings to prevent blood loss and to hold the dagger in place was the limit of his abilities, knowledge and experience, but they seemed to be doing the job for now. Jeneyeru’s future was in Loyte’s hands. Bindings… hands… those words for a moment floated through Ionas’ mind looking for something else to connect to. There was something that Ionas had forgotten… the Brownies.

Ionas had threatened the Brownies with his dagger previously, but it had been Loyte and Jeneyeruwho where the ones to actually capture them. In all the chaos, Ionas and everyone else had forgotten about them, but they could still be useful. The question was how. The pocket… Ionas remembered seeing Jeneyeru putting the Brownies in his pocket. Ionas reached in and snagged the Brownies as they were working their way free from their own bindings. They would have soon got loosed and would have caused even more trouble.

Ionas wanted to stay a bit longer to see if he could help more as he did feel somewhat responsible for what he knew to be a random, odd, one-in-a-million chance. It was unfortunate that he was unable to stay as he was called away by the Captain as they tried to work out what to do next.

Ionas listened as Beau and the Captain talked. As much as he distrusted Beau, Ionas had to agree with him. That amount of smoke could only come from a reasonably large campfire, one that was usually found at the centre of a gathering of traders, bandits or any number of other possible groups. Either way, it was likely they would have something they could use, either equipment to repair the Calinda, information about Peino’s possible whereabouts, or both.

“I can’t see anything about who we might find there at this angle. We’d have to be almost on top of them before we’d worked that out. Though perhaps our new Brownie friends can help us.” He raised his hand before his face get a good look at the still struggling Brownies.

“This is your territory, so who’s set up camp in that clearing?” Ionas asked calmly and measuredly but with a slight menacing overtone.

— — —

Bushes just outside the Bandit campsite

“I’m just glad we didn’t have to go and try to find you,” Ylanna said, giving her escort a warm smile. It had been difficult going for the lady in lavender, but she had managed to get up to the surface and follow their faerie guides with little fuss.

Haug and the others of the little group were there and so, apparently, was Baugl. His rather rotund figure stood out among the more thuggish of his colleagues. “Looks like they are undergoing negotiations of some kind,” Y’lanna stated as she observed the general behaviour of those involved. “Looks like things are tense too,” she added, giving the others her sense of the social interaction being played out in front of her.

What was going to be done with that information was for the more military-minded people to deal with.

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