Ch. 326. Why, Dagger, Why?

Ionas watched as the dagger flew in a perfect trajectory towards the beast’s head . He had aimed it there to give the dragon something to think about but not so close to cause it any real damage or panic. At least it was perfect until it came into contact with the crossbow bolt shot by Beau. The bolt had been deflected up into a rather dangerous location, far too close to the eye causing the dragon to panic. Meanwhile, the dagger was deflected downwards, missing the dragon all together, and finding Jeneyeru.

Ionas swore. It wasn’t something that he usually did but he had never had something go so badly as this had before. It was entirely a fluke, something that he doubted that he could ever replicate whether on purpose or not – though if he could it would make a rather remarkable show piece – and now Jeneyeru had a dagger sticking out of him.

Fortunately, the bolt had chased the dragon off, at least for the moment, even though the few terrifying seconds between when it struck and when the dragon had panicked had almost given the young Selkie a heart attack. Though that was little comfort given the injury that the wizard had taken.

“Keep pressure on the wound, and don’t take the dagger out,” he exclaimed. “Taking it out will do more damage, and we need to keep the blood loss in-check.”

Ionas wasn’t a doctor, or even had any real medical training. It was all experience. Years of handling daggers, giving and taking dagger-related injuries, made him somewhat of a niche expert on this matter. Of course, however, his skills could only go so far. He could keep the wizard alive and stable, but he could not heal the wound or deal with the bleeding that would come from the wound once the dagger was removed, and at some point it would need to be removed.

Ionas stepped in and helped in the first aid, quickly rushing to the wizard’s aid once the dragon had set off. Using his hands, he placed downward pressure on the sides of the wound that would not only lock the dagger in place, preventing it from doing any more damage, but would also prevent blood loss in the process.

If he’d had the knowledge of what would happen, he would have done it quicker or waited a bit longer before throwing his blade, but what was done was done, and getting Jeneyeru to the Calinda was the next major goal. Of course, that was easier said than done. Ionas wondered what else was going to go wrong. It just had been one of those days.

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