Ch. 322. Talk and Action.

“I am Y’lanna Sparti, Priestess Moonrain.” She nodded her head to indicate respectful deference to the position that her host had, and it wouldn’t be harmful to help get her on the priestess’s good-side, either. To be honest, she didn’t know if Moonrain was her name or not — people certainly had strange names, Handslayer, Starhand, Windwolf and that was just to name a few — though it did seem rather likely.

“I doubt you would have ever heard of my home, Master of The Marsh King’s Daughter,” She stated as if it was just some boring, dull place that didn’t warrant a mention. Though when she had finished speaking the words ‘and many other titles beside’ could almost have been heard as she returned to face Peino and her host.

“I just happened to be travelling with your brother, Captain, Lord Ruili Windwolf. He and I were on the train from Sesus up here into the mountains to catch up with you when the train was hijacked. Most likely hijacked by the same bandits that have been causing our hosts’ troubles, nonetheless. I hid behind a large rock while your brother did his best to deal with the bandits and happen to get trapped in the Brownies’ netting. Your brother; he wanted to catch up with you. He had an item, something to do with your business with Mt. Isolla, that he wanted to get to you.”

“Captain” seemed the best way to address Peino since he had been introduced as the Master of The Marsh King’s Daughter, something that she knew to be his sailing ship. She took a scornful look over towards the Brownies as she finished speaking to make known her displeasure at the implied events that lead her to be here this moment. “I believe he gave the Brownies quite a harsh talking-to as we floated down the waterway.”

While the Brownies may have been in Y’lanna’s bad books, the Priestess and the other faeries were not. They had been treating her well and with respect, and that fact alone was enough to prove to Y’lanna their good intentions or at least good nature. She had no idea how Peino would react to hearing that his brother was here. Whether he’d believe her and her (true) claim to have been a travelling companion to his brother was something that she didn’t know, though she was prepared to confirm this if required.

Y’lanna also wanted to know how the Priestess would respond to the news of another son of a duke being around — this ducal offspring who might potentially seek to “rescue” his travelling companion that had been snatched away from him by some mischievous Brownies. It was going to be interesting to see what happened next.

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