Ch. 315 From Good to Bad and from Bad to Worse

Train #47, Raurigian Rail Lines

She had hoped she had scared them off and all she would have to do was to wait for Ruili to return, but alas these small creatures where far more persistent and audacious than she had initially assumed. However, considering the being’s size she, should have realised that it wasn’t the end. Men are always trying to make themselves feel or look bigger than they actually are and force is usually the easiest way for them to achieve this goal.

Ruili was elsewhere engaged in whatever fight he was engaged in, a rare sample of a truly good man facing danger, not for personal gain but simply to help others. There was only one problem with that in Y’lanna’s mind and that was it meant he wasn’t here to help her. The little sods known as Brownies had launched a second assault and one that could not be as easily repulsed as the last.

For this time she had already been well bound by the first before things even started with the second. There was no guarantee that she could get free of the first let alone the second, adding to that anything else the Brownies could throw at her. She was helpless, and it was not the first time she had felt helpless, but this time she wasn’t alone. Ruili was still nearby and he would help her, surely he would.

All that she could do now was yell for help. “RUILI! I NEED SOME HELP. YOUR ASSISTANCE IS REQUIRED.” She yelled so that he could hear, but her tone was not that one of desperation. The rather odd combination should achieve two things: Ruili’s attention so that he would return to her as soon as he could and yet not generally advertised her distress so that others would take similar advantage of her.

Ruili couldn’t have been all that far away, and so surely he had to have heard it. When he did he would start hurrying towards her. At least that was the assumption that she made based upon her experiences with the man so far. The only reason that he wasn’t here now was others had been in more pressing need of his services though that had certainly changed.

The Brownies had slowly started to drag her along. There wasn’t much she could do. Her arms and legs were pinned inside the restrictive cocoon-like netting. She attempted to rock herself free, but she couldn’t get up enough momentum as tightly bound as she was. Some jabs by some Brownie spears didn’t help either, though as she was approaching the little deviants’ nest Ruili appeared just in time. He didn’t have long to act to save her, precious seconds in fact, but if he was quick enough then maybe he could just save her.

Ogil Valley, Usaneri Mountains, Raurugia

The idea of ransoming the Brownie for safe travel was a smart one, and Ionas would have to agree with Beau. However the idea didn’t quite sit with him however as it still carried a slightly menacing and underhanded tone to it and only seemed to reinforce the idea that Beau was up to something.

However, this pondering had to be cut short as, with the Captain’s urging, he turned around to face the rising steam from the dragon. It was clearly the dragon from before, the colours, markings and injuries identified it beyond all doubt. Obviously, unlike the other it hadn’t died, so this one was either looking for revenge or food. Most likely it was after food as, in the assault, he would have had to have done some significant damage and cause significant gas loss, which it needed to replace to fly.

Whether it was after food or revenge, it didn’t matter. All their lives were at risk. With a quick and smooth movement he fetched another one of his daggers from his rucksack though he’d use this one only if required or on orders to attack, but he agreed with the captain now was the time to escape

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