Ch. 309. Opportunists

Ogil Valley, Usaneri Mountains, Raurugia

As for Ionas, the sounds of jubilation, the triumphant whooping, could be once again heard. This time it was coming from two Brownies. The sounds were easily heard and identifiable due to the otherwise awkward silence caused by the magic of Jeneyeru. Ionas turned to see just why these two Brownies were whooping in victory when the rest of their comrades were almost as silent as death itself. They were carrying a dagger — wait was that his dagger? It looked like it.

Ionas reached back into his pack with tremendous trepidation. Had they really managed to steal one of his daggers? He soon had his answer as he found a brown stick inside. Obviously the stick was from somewhere nearby, but the real question was how these two Brownies had actually managed to get past his keen sight and had actually managed to get close enough to steal from him. It was frustrating because an immediate answer eluded him. It seemed clear these Brownies had made a fool of him, even though he had been doing a good job of that previously.

The Brownies were getting away and were a moment away from getting out of sight. The one thing Ionas knew was if they ever did get out of sight even his keen eyesight would not be able to locate them again due to their powers of disguise. In frustration with that being the only thing available for him to do, he grabbed the stick and head in a seemingly natural place for a thrown object and threw it with all of his frustration at the closest Brownie.

It struck the ground with some considerable force just behind the targeted Brownie causing him to yelp in surprise. The two Brownies scrambled to get away for the throw was a bit too close to comfort and soon they had vanished from sight with the dagger.

However Ionas was slightly puzzled. The stick had not behaved at all like a stick as he had thrown it. The stick should have been at least a couple of feet off. It should not have been weighted or balanced correctly and to have a frustrated throw like that get so close, something odd was certainly going on.

He lost interest in what was going on with the other Brownies and focussed his attention all on that stick. He approached it and grabbed it and tested its weight and balance by gently juggling it a few inches up in the air. The answer was finally clear, those wretched Brownies hadn’t stolen his dagger at all. They had merely disguised it as a stick and had disguised a random stick as one of his daggers.

One of the Brownies had came back to try to get it out of the ground but Ionas countered with “Oi! Get Lost” and threateningly weilded a second dagger as if he was ready to throw it at the returning Brownie which just Eeped and ran off again.

“Good try,” he said with a bit of respect for the Brownies as they indeed knew all sorts of trickery. But well now, he had to return his attention to the others. He went over and knelt by his captain seeing if there was anything that was needed to be done.

Just outside Train #47, Raurugia Rail Lines

To be quite honest, Y’lanna was stunned into silence as the Brownie leader challenged her, full of bravado and a very tiny pointed stick, but her loss of composure was only momentary. “And who’s to say I’m not more trouble than I’m worth?” she asked. She really didn’t care what the answer  was. It was just something to occupy the leader of the Brownies as she prepared a way to escape.

The plan was simple… blow the Brownie leader down in a show of dominance, put the Brownies on the back foot, and then start shaking loose. The brownies weren’t strong enough or heavy enough to keep her down and the net was not really anchored on the ground anyway, so if she started to shake free enough she could roll away and then free herself.

However, the plan still needed to be implemented. She had no firm idea if the Brownies had the critical mass required to halt her plan but due to their size and weight, she had to come to the conclusion (rightly or wrongly) that more Brownies would be needed before they were a serious threat to her plan.

The Brownie had finished his response, though Y’lanna hadn’t been paying any attention to it. She released the breath she had been building up, forcing out as much volume of air from her lungs as quick as possible. It was like a hurricane was blowing for the little fellow as he stumbled back, falling into a rolling motion. That was the mass distraction of the Brownies that she needed. The Brownies were almost everything but disciplined, and that gave her the moment she needed as she started to rock fairly easily and started to roll over. The brownies fled in panic of being crushed and so did the leader, as he knew when to give up.

So there Y’lanna was, free from her captives but still bound up in the netting, which only got tighter around her as she rolled around, restricting her movement well. She managed to use the rock she had originally hidden behind to get into a somewhat upright position. However, she couldn’t risk any more movement. She just had to wait for Ruili or whomever would next find her to come.

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