Ch. 305. Woodland Difficulties

Just near Train #47, Raurugia Rail Lines

“Argh, Get this stuff off of me!” she exclaimed in near panic as she started to struggle against the strange net that had captured her. Though as she did so, the net started to tighten. She could feel it tighten and restrict her movement even further. She didn’t like being trapped in this net, not one bit. It was as how she felt, trapped in the legal bindings that had forced her not into servitude but into slavery, different types of bindings but the same feeling.

She had to take command of something. She couldn’t take command of her situation, but she could take command of her emotions. That was easy for her to do. She had been well practiced at it. She closed her eyes for a moment and started to centre herself. There was no physical indication of what she was doing, but in a moment she did look far more in control of her situation and confident despite still being trapped.

She took the time to look around and noticed a lot of things but nothing of particular related to her situation. There were the sounds of battle and conflict and a number of others engaged in battle either in the train or just outside. However there was no one  in proximity enough to her to have thrown or otherwise lying in wait for her to get caught in the net. It was unusual — why would someone set up a complicated net like this without anyone lurking around to capture or otherwise take advantage of her vulnerable situation?

In any case, it gave her the opportunity to find a way to escape the net on her own. She didn’t know how Ruili was going but he seemed very skilled with the sword and so she hoped that he would be able to take on the bandits. In any case, she started to gently probe for a way to get out. If forcefully struggling against the net only tightened it then perhaps a gentle manipulation of the net could allow her to escape.

Heading down into the Valley, one day’s flight from Mt. Isolla

Ionas had kept up with the group. His agility and speed easily allowed him to navigate some of the more treacherous elements of the hike. He reached down to the small container of water that he had stored in his pack and took a sip. In addition to the water, a pack of dry tack and some of his enchanted daggers just in case they were needed. There was also something else that Ionas carried just in case, a collection of items needed to strike a flint. A fire could be needed for any number of circumstances, not to forget should the hike take longer than expected. It was common knowledge that it’s better to stay where you were if you get lost as it’s easier for people to find you though you could never really know.

Ionas had for most part assumed the Prince had found somewhere relatively comfortable to wait for the rescue, but who knew what condition they would find the prince in. However he had to put that in the back of his mind as he had to take one step at a time, while keeping an eye out for the small details that might aide in navigating the woods in their attempt to find the prince.

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