Ch. 300. Out and About

Raurugian Forest, one day North of Train #47

It was hard for the Selkie known as Ionas to make his way down from the crow’s nest. Not in any literal way but still, feeling that he was at least indirectly responsible for one of his idols being knocked overboard weighed on him. Still, if he was even slightly responsible for losing Prince Peino, he would be down on the ground helping to find him.

The Calinda soon settled, and Ionas was one of the crew on the search. With the Calinda on the ground, it didn’t take much to convince the Captain his sight was more useful in the search than on the ship. A bush shook and rattled… “Brownies…” that was the only reasonable explanation. Brownies were small beings, they loved to drink and cause mischief. They could be comical but also a complete disaster if you weren’t able to manage and satiate their various thirsts and hungers.

This of course meant that he’d have to keep an eye out for the various signs, for they don’t like to be seen. It also meant that he was just that extra bit more vigilant. Performing his scouting role, he had come across the markings from Peino, though only after Thimble. The rough terrain did its best to obscure everything that was further than 10m away and not on an incline facing towards Ionas. The directions on the marking were clear, the question was just how far ahead was Peino and how were they going to catch up to the single man.

Though at least Ionas could help with that looking out over the valley that they saw Ionas could make a very close estimate of where the Prince fell. With his understanding of distances they only had a few miles to go – between 4 and 5 miles he couldn’t more exact with having personally seen exactly where the prince fell.

Raurugian Train Lines, Train #47

Y’lanna was handled around like a piece of luggage, but if it meant that she would escape those that would wish to rob the train, that was alright. If these people were anything like the raiders or mercenary groups of her home, they could be really bad news. An unarmed and yet attractive “woman”  could find herself in all sorts of trouble at these guys’ hands, and she obviously had yet to determine this world’s nuances. She wouldn’t even try to “talk” her way out of this one just yet.

The fact that Haug kissed her was a surprise. She knew she’d see him again and she had to work out just exactly how she was going to finally deal with him, but for now she had time. Well, now though, all she had time for was fleeing, and that she did fairly well, managing to not only keep up with the Selkie but overtake him as well — but it wasn’t fast enough.

She turned to see Ruili face their attackers as she went and found something nearby to hide behind. She decided it would be best just to let Ruili handle these attackers before determining the next course of action.

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